Enhancing the value and conversion of audiences is the top main concern for B2B businesses. Many steps are taken to achieve this goal, among which lead generation to the most crucial one. It is particularly true in the present economic climate. Whatever the situation is, don’t squander your marketing budget by nurturing leads that aren’t going to convert, rather invest in high-quality leads. You will require a strong lead generation process if you seriously want to increase your B2B sales.

What Is B2B Lead Generation?

Business-to-business (B2B) lead generation refers to businesses that mainly sell to other businesses, unlike business-to-consumer (B2C) lead generation, where products and services are sold directly to consumers. B2B lead generation involves gathering the information (such as name, email, company name, and job title) of a potential consumer which can be used to personalize communication and drive sales. B2B lead generation aims to develop a reliable pipeline of high-intent prospects that turn into customers.

Below are the top ten B2B lead generation strategies to drive your sales for your b2b business.

1. Send Personalized And Targeted Emails

Email marketing, event marketing, and content marketing are the three most frequently used B2B lead generation strategies. One of the traditional tools that the B2B marketer can use is email marketing. Automated tools are used by many email marketers to gather comprehensive information about B2B customers who read the emails and decided to visit their website.

Your B2B lead generation strategy needs to concentrate on checking and optimizing the email marketing campaigns to encourage more B2B customers to go through your emails. Boost your email marketing campaigns by applying some of the B2B email marketing best practices.

2. Attend Targeted B2B Events

You can generate leads if you attend targeted B2B events regularly. Companies with a strong lead generation focus require a robust event marketing plan. You can attend big as well as small events to generate more B2B leads.

The targeted events will allow you to develop and maintain relationships with leads via face-to-face communication. Also, frequently arranging B2B marketing events is an effective B2B lead generation strategy.

3. Boost Your Website’s User Experience

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You cannot encourage B2B customers to share information without stopping them from leaving your website. The focus of the B2B lead generation strategies should be on optimizing the web site’s user experience throughout devices. You can engage the visitors easily by decreasing the website’s loading time, bettering the website’s mobile experience, redesigning the main pages, and fixing all broken and dead links. The optimized user experience will result in growing the website’s search engine ranking.

4. Implement A Robust SEO Strategy

Regarding volume, the biggest quantity of leads that are from a single source is generated from organic search (i.e. SEO efforts). One of the successful and efficient lead generation tactics is SEO. The search engine algorithms and rules keep changing which is why you have to optimize your website regularly. Keep your SEO strategy focussing on earning high-quality backlinks and publishing fresh content.

5. Maintain Your Content Calendar

Content marketing creates nearly 3 times as many leads as traditional marketing. Keep a daily content calendar, considering the requirements of your customers throughout the decision making funnel. Maintain an active blog. Your business can endorse brand loyalty and find new sales opportunities with the help of content marketing. Bring the right content to the decision-makers in the right way to generate more leads. Create and disseminate content personalized as per the specific requirements of B2B customers.

6. Provide Immediate Assistance through Live Chat

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Decision-makers get answers and solutions instantly through live chat. Live chat allows you to involve the B2B customers by communicating with them in real-time. Implementing live chat can grow the total number of leads collected. You can replace static forms on the website with live chat to generate more leads. The live chat option will provide real-time sales assistance and gather collect significant information about B2B customers.

7. Automate Lead Generation Process Using Chatbots

Chatbots are AI-driven computer programs that can mimic human conversation and conduct online chat conversations. Several businesses use chatbots to gather information about B2B customers via customized but automated conversation. Chatbots are not only popular on B2C retail websites but almost ubiquitous. Your B2B lead generation approaches need to look for ways to leverage chatbots to create more leads without using additional resources.

8. Make Omni-channel Communication Seamless

You can generate more leads through email than any other communication channel but you cannot depend on emails only. Keep the focus of your lead generation strategy on Integrated marketing campaigns. Adopt integrated marketing campaigns but maintain the brand voice.

9. Share Interactive Content Using Pop-Ups

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Use a lead generation tool like interactive pop-ups to encourage visitors to share pertinent information. B2B leads can be easily generated through a range of pop-ups on-load, engagement, and exit-intent. You can display your products or services and generate an email subscriber list with the help of pop-ups. However, visitors are unlikely to share information without being offered free giveaways such as eBooks and market research data. Further, you need to ensure that the pop-up is not blocking content and ruining the visitor’s website experience.

10. Leverage The Right Social Networking Platforms

Nowadays, the majority of businesses leverage the popularity of social networking platforms to create and nurture leads. But to connect with professionals and decision-makers, you need to select the right social network. LinkedIn is preferred to generate leads it is being accessed by decision-makers from several industries. However, you cannot post-sales and marketing messages to generate B2B leads. Publish targeted content to solve particular problems and understand industry trends of B2B customers.