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Zahoor Bhat has over 10+ years of experience as an online editor and media manager. He has worked with major online news and content sites as a media manager. He is well versed with major content management systems and web platforms such as WordPress and social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Business, Yelp, Instagram & Linkedin. He is an expert in content creation, proofreading and finally making it live. Being a social media expert, he is able to make relations with social media influencers and make sure to generate leads and grow business via different social media platforms.

CCPA 2020 Compliance Checklist for Businesses in California

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) is the biggest privacy compliance challenge for businesses in California. The main focus of CCPA is to provide transparency to California residents in how the businesses and different companies collect, share and use their private data. Who is Covered by CCPA? CCPA essentially applies to any for-profit business [...]

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Tips to Build Customer Trust & Drive Marketing Results in 2020

The amount and frequency of customer purchases depend a lot on the degree to which a company is trusted. Trust has an important role to play in generating revenue because people don’t buy from the brands and companies that they don’t trust. Companies need to develop strategies in order to build trust with their [...]

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Top 10 Technologies Not to Be Missed at CES 2020

The world's largest Tech Show, the Consumer Electronics Show is finally here. CES 2020 is expected to represent 170000 techies from worldwide. Last year, it was driverless cars, large screen TVs and smart homes that dominated at CES, What new tech do you think will be trending this year? Here are the absolute best [...]

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How Financial Firms Can Use Marketing Automation to Grow Profits

Marketing automation is a new trend for many financial firms which they are implementing to create a complete program to make their services better and faster for an amazing customer journey. Huge operational and marketing analytics data is gathered by firms much before a prospect turns into a client. Currently, 75% of marketers use [...]

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Top Search Trends for 2019 That Defined Google’s Year in Search

As New Year is approaching, it’s a wrap from Google's top searches for 2019. Recently, Google released its “Year in Search” for top search trends worldwide. Let us take a look for the biggest trends that saw the huge traffic over a specific period of time in 2019: Disney with its new streaming service, [...]

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AWS re:Invent 2019 Recap

AWS re:Invent 2019 was the biggest AWS event to date with over 65,000 attendees in Las Vegas. This year’s theme was transformation and was discussed in every keynote, product workshop, and learning lab throughout the week. Re:Invent is a mega-event in which new launches, services and 2,500 educational sessions are conducted for builders, CIOs, channel [...]

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Top Digital Marketing Tips For Dentists

A Guide For Getting More Patients Whether you are just starting your dental practice, or have been in practice for many years, an effective digital marketing strategy is crucial to succeed in your practice.  There are many dental marketing strategies that you can use to succeed but most of you may be wondering about [...]

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Top 10 Tips To Increase Online Conversions In 2020

Smart SEO strategies and strategically placed ads can bring your target audience to your website and revenue can be generated, right? But it is just half the battle. Converting the visitors of your website into leads and potential clients is the actual challenge. In 2019, E-Commerce Sales Accounted for 14.1 Percent of All Retail [...]

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Top 10 Ecommerce Trends That Will Dominate In 2020

Monitoring ecommerce trends is a must for online retailers. You need to analyze and adopt each trend if you want to drive your ecommerce brand forward and remain ahead of the competition. Marketers’ can make their lives way easier and increase the revenue of their companies by keeping up with the latest trends. In [...]

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How Mobile, IoT and AR Are Transforming Ecommerce Businesses

More and more customers are realizing how convenient online shopping can be. E-commerce is continuously growing and becoming ‘the preferred’ shopping platform. Digital transformation has a huge role to play in the boom of the e-commerce business.According to the, the IoT managed services market was more than 30 billion U.S. dollars worldwide, but it [...]

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