About Zahoor

Zahoor Bhat has over 10+ years of experience as an online editor and media manager. He has worked with major online news and content sites as a media manager. He is well versed with major content management systems and web platforms such as WordPress and social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Business, Yelp, Instagram & Linkedin. He is an expert in content creation, proofreading and finally making it live. Being a social media expert, he is able to make relations with social media influencers and make sure to generate leads and grow business via different social media platforms.

iLifeMedical Wellness & Healthcare Platform

iLifeMedical is a wellness and healthcare platform for patients, clinics, hospitals, and caregivers. We use telemedicine, IoT, 4G/5G to deliver doctors on-demand telehealth consultations. We also provide factory-direct Personal Protective Equipment, medical supplies including Test Kits for COVID-19, N95 Masks, Gloves, Protective Suits, Goggles & IR Thermometers. With over 20 years of global sourcing [...]

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How Coronavirus is Affecting Ecommerce and Digital Marketing

The coronavirus flare-up is featuring the real factors of changing buyer conduct in this digital era. Take a look at the potential effect on online business and the digital marketing industry.  1. Panic Impact  Taking a gander at the vast economic picture, coronavirus is massively affecting the stock market. For example, a worldwide wellbeing alarm [...]

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How PROS Helps Businesses Remotely Through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

The World Health Organization recently declared coronavirus (COVID-19) as pandemic, spanning more than 112 countries and regions worldwide. As the COVID-19 continues to grow, we recognize that your business might be affected by lockdown, delays and disruptions. At PROS, we are committed to providing the strong web technology & marketing support without interruption, during this challenging [...]

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Zoom Video Tech Support For Remote Work Conferencing Integration Solutions

The impacts of Coronavirus COVID-19 are extensive, and numerous organizations and businesses have been affected – or are pondering taking prudent steps. However, is your business arranged with the virtual work devices to flourish right now? The pattern toward virtual gatherings is becoming paying little mind to the most recent troubling features. Illness, climate [...]

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How China is Using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to Fight Coronavirus

Coronavirus is spreading like a bush fire in China. The researchers in China are using artificial intelligence & big data to tackle this deadly virus through social media, web and other data so that they can stop this virus from spreading. This virus was first reported in Wuhan China in December, resulting in a [...]

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How to Improve Ecommerce Checkout Rates with Site Seals & Checkout Design

Baymard Institute recently released the 2019 edition of its site seal and ecommerce checkout study. Based on this research here are six important insights and actionable recommendations to improve your ecommerce conversion rates: 98% of Prospective Customers Leave an Online Store Without Making A Purchase It's quite a blow for ecommerce website owners that [...]

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Conversion Rate Optimization Guide

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of enabling people to take action when they visit a website. By designing and modifying certain elements of a webpage, a business can increase the chances that site visitors will "convert" into a lead or customer before they leave. Numerous sites are intended to change over site [...]

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15 Important Conversion Metrics & Business KPIs You Should Track

Digital marketers use diverse strategies and techniques to promote their services and products online but tracking results of online marketing is usually difficult and time-consuming. Measuring the achievement and profitability of their marketing campaigns is the biggest obstacle for marketers in today’s world. Therefore marketing teams use values like Digital Marketing Metrics and KPIs [...]

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an industry that is growing quickly which is why the majority of the companies are already using some form of marketing automation. Marketing automation can use artificial intelligence (AI) to better target customers. 30 % of companies worldwide will be using AI in at least one of their sales processes by [...]

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How Chinese Manufacturers Can Benefit from Ecommerce B2B & B2C

The worldwide growth of ecommerce has disrupted industries, and how businesses and consumers buy products and services. Some of these examples include Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Houzz,, Wish and many more. A delay of one second in mobile page response can reduce conversions by 7%. (99 Firms, 2019) SME B2B e-commerce market is [...]

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