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Zahoor Bhat has over 10+ years of experience as an online editor and media manager. He has worked with major online news and content sites as a media manager. He is well versed with major content management systems and web platforms such as WordPress and social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Business, Yelp, Instagram & Linkedin. He is an expert in content creation, proofreading and finally making it live. Being a social media expert, he is able to make relations with social media influencers and make sure to generate leads and grow business via different social media platforms.

How Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an industry that is growing quickly which is why the majority of the companies are already using some form of marketing automation. Marketing automation can use artificial intelligence (AI) to better target customers. With the growth of the industry, the use of AI in marketing automation is also increasing.  It has [...]

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Top 10 Strategic IoT Technologies and Trends

The latest strategic Internet of Things (IoT) technology trends will boost digital business innovation in the coming years. Key emerging IoT trends and technologies also demand CIOs having necessary skills and partners. There are ways using which CIOs can lead their businesses to discover IoT opportunities and make IoT projects a success. New opportunities [...]

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Digital Transformation In Retail

What Is Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation means the use of digital technologies to create business innovations that change the already existing industries or form new ones altogether. It is about reimagining the way to bring people, data, and processes together. Form a Digital Transformation strategy that emphases on these three parts in order to [...]

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Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends In Healthcare

There was a time when scheduling a doctor’s appointment or getting any tests done would take days. But now healthcare is experiencing a constant and huge shift in order to provide better customer experience. The digital transformation trends, just as in other industries, is increasing in healthcare as well. The revolution of digital transformation [...]

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The Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Product Marketing

Learning about product marketing can help your bottom line and the can have a positive influence on the success of your products. What Is Product Marketing? The system of introducing an item to market, endorsing it, and selling it to a customer is known as product marketing. It involves identifying the product’s target audience, [...]

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Ecommerce Technology Tools And Customer Engagement

If you want your brand to be successful, create engaged audiences and excellent customer experience. You have to make the tough process of buying seem easy. Top-Notch customer experience is so profitable that the customer experience and relationship management software market alone is considered to be worth US$48.2 billion and it is gradually rising. [...]

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15 Important Conversion Metrics & Business KPIs You Should Track

Digital marketers use diverse strategies and techniques to promote their services and products online but tracking results of online marketing is usually difficult and time-consuming. Measuring the achievement and profitability of their marketing campaigns is the biggest obstacle for marketers in today’s world. Therefore marketing teams use values like Digital Marketing Metrics and KPIs [...]

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Digital Transformation of Banks

Digital disruption is happening at all levels in the banking industry so much so that if banks don’t think in new and innovative ways, they will be reduced to a mere back-office utility. The impact of different business models on the current banking revenues could be huge. Incumbent banks are gradually becoming vulnerable due [...]

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How to Structure Google Ads Text Campaigns for Ecommerce

Promoting an ecommerce business through text-based, pay-per-click advertising has numerous advantages. They seem simple ads but they appear much higher on a search results page than organic listings. They can help you to reach your potential customers and those who are actively looking for those items that you sell. The way an account is [...]

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Beginners Guide to NetSuite Integration & Management

Netsuite is a complete ERP system which helps all types of businesses from small to enterprsie to grow rapidly and secure their long-term financial health. If you have a SaaS application or are a system integrator, it is possible that your customers are already using Netsuite and would want your application integrates and syncs [...]

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