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PROS is a highly-experienced and leading Shopify e-commerce development company. We have over 15 years of experience in delivering all types of e-commerce solutions from a simple 10 product store to a global ecommerce brand with several locations, complex integrations, and over 100,000 products. As your trusted e-commerce development Partner. We offer cutting-edge, scalable, optimized, and reliable ecommerce solutions for any type of business including CPG, subscriptions, apparel, health & beauty, automotive, high-tech etc. We develop, design, manage, support, launch, optimize and help market your e-commerce brand to give you maximum potential. Please contact us for your Shopify and Twitter projects. Click here or call 619.567.9322


Twitter Marketing Strategy

Increase your follower count, reach your target audience effectively, promote your brand awareness, and generate more conversions by leveraging one of the biggest social media platforms. Twitter is a free platform and one of the finest social media platforms for businesses. It allows you to share content and endorse your brand via your tweets. It is also a great search engine tool that allows you to get more information about your competitors. More than 330 million monthly active users are on Twitter with whom businesses can connect. Make your Twitter strategy work to connect with your current and potential clients.

• Increase Your Awareness – Use your Twitter profile and get the most out of it by increasing your Twitter followers which will create brand awareness and chances for conversions.
• Improve Your Engagement – Grow connections with your target audience and engage with them by growing the number of retweets, favorites, and clicks.
• Enhance Brand Perception – Tweet regularly and constantly to grow brand recognition and Increase perception.

Branding your business is one of the biggest advantages that your business gets from using Twitter marketing. Put out updates and content about your business frequently to explain the kind of voice that your business has. Publish content that is beneficial to your targeted Twitter users to develop trust within your business. Your potential customers will buy from you if they trust you.

Twitter provides B2B businesses with an opportunity to identify and engage with clients on a global scale.​

Twitter Content Strategy

Drive brand awareness, follower engagement, and influencer relations by developing a proper Twitter marketing strategy. Twitter allows you to generate ROI by running organic and paid Twitter campaigns. The huge amount of monthly active Twitter users allow you to reach your target audience and develop long-term connections via your content.

Twitter is the fastest, and simplest way to understand your audience. Know trending issues and develop content regarding them. Contests can be created, tracked, and managed; hashtag campaigns, as well as other interactive content, can be generated and distributed in numerous formats.

A proper Twitter content strategy allows you to understand your target audience so that you don’t fill your feed or advertise on Twitter without having any clue of who you should be targeting and what kind of content, phrasing, and hashtags you need to use.

Set up your profile to inform your audience about your work, and how it will help them. Develop an optimized profile to increase the visibility of your account and attract new followers. Twitter makes it possible to promote great content. Your social media team can do some research to check Twitter and determine the hashtags as well as content topics that will get the most clicks from your target audience. Choose optimal times to create and share the content to drive engagement.

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