We are Google partners with over 10 years of Google Adwords experience in search advertising. At PROS we take our clients through a three-step process to optimize their PPC campaign (Pay-Per-Click) using paid search engine services like:

  • Google Adwords
  • Yahoo Search Marketing
  • Bing Adcenter

Why Choose PROS

PROS PPC management experts spend a lot of time initially on keyword research as it is essential to your success is. Your campaign will have very poor returns and you can quickly exhaust your budget if you don’t choose the right keywords.

Although there are free keyword tools, such as Google’s Keyword Tool, can be used by anyone but the best tools are usually the paid ones. Paid tools would give you a competitive advantage, but at a price. Our PPC management experts will not just stop at these tools. They will utilize various data points to build a comprehensive picture of the sales landscape.

One of the greatest strengths that our experts have is the ability to perform competitive research. Our PPC consultants understand how to find good copy, study your competition, and form ads based on what they know works. The right copy can elevate your campaign’s click-through rate and net you more conversions.
Good analysis can tell you which placements and keywords will likely provide you the most conversions. Ability to track not just sales, but where those sales are coming from is the foundation of any good PPC program. Furthermore, tagging your campaigns enable you to see which ones are most effective. Tracking code installation needs some basic HTML knowledge at the least, so if you possess no knowledge leave this to our PPC management experts.
You may be aware of what PPC stands for, but you might not know what all these terms CPM, CPC, CPA mean. Perhaps you may not know the difference between Impressions, Views, and Hits or the meaning of retargeting. That is why in the day-to-day management of your campaigns knowing these terms is notably important.
In order to get optimum exposure for your campaign, there are various possible settings you must adapt to. Without a clear understanding of settings and how they may serve you, you might be paying too much for the same traffic that a similar marketer pays way too less. For example, geographic settings can help you target a specific part of the country which you would never know without expert advice or some experience.
Relevance isn’t just an SEO term, it’s essential in PPC marketing. You’re spending more money on conversions if your landing page is less relevant. PROS PPC experts recognize not just the principles of landing page design but also how to test those principles. A/B testing is a tactic used by out PPC experts to compare various landing pages and improve conversions. Our analysts also have experience and access to third-party A/B testing software.
It’s beneficial to hire a person or a company in paid search that has already worked with one or more of your competitors. Majority of the paid search companies apparently won’t take on direct competitors as clients at the same time but if they have previously worked with your competitors or similar companies, then that would be a positive thing.
By reading online news, journals, and blogs our PPC experts stay updated with the latest trends. They also annually attend industry trade shows many times or attend networking events. Our experts also have a few friends and peers they could reach out to for expert advice or comparing notes on the latest trends.
You must keep an eye on your stats and log files in case of suspicious activity and when you suspect if there is click fraud going on, you can request a refund by communicating to the search engine.
If in case you don’t have time to manage your PPC account, our experts will be always ready to help and give it the attention that it deserves. It is so because our PPC experts are well aware of every present factor that can enhance your return on invest (ROI).

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an essential part of any Internet Marketing campaign. When using PPC an advertiser pays for every click based on the bid price the search engine gives to any given keyword. The advertiser only pays per each time the ad is clicked in the search engine results.

Our Paid Search Services

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Cost (Per Thousand Impressions)
  • Keyword and Key Phrase Selection
  • Creative Ad Campaigning
  • Management via creative means
  • Optimization of website
  • Reporting daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Analytics strategies
  • ROI Reporting

Our PPC Strategy: 

First, we establish your keyword strategy by researching the market and analyzing the data to determine what keywords will target the correct traffic for your key demographic. We perform a keyword analysis to find all the optimum keywords and other keyword combinations.

Second, we implement our creative strategy by setting the tone of the “ad creative” by combining broad and exact terms for a specific creative with call-to-action to convert clicks into sales.

Third, we use two sets of copy for each keyword group and test multiple versions of ads with the keywords.

Using these techniques we optimize your ad copy and conversion, targeting the right audience and appealing to the key demographic.