Pay-Per-Click or PPC is the quickest and most effective form of promoting your products or services online. It is a form of Internet Advertising in which advertisers pay their host when someone clicks on the advertisement.

This advertising is used on search engines, advertising networks, and different websites. The cost involved is proportional to the number of clicks. The advertiser pays for each click that takes the visitor to the advertiser’s site.

There are many Pay-Per-Click providers, but Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing and Microsoft Adcenter are the major PPC providers.

Pay-Per-Click service promises handsome returns, but the whole process can sometimes become time consuming and difficult to monitor. Therefore it is ideal to outsource this to a Pay-Per-Click management service.

Effective Pay-Per-Click management can be used to increase website traffic, reduce cost per click and boost profit. A well-managed PPC campaign can be the difference between profit and loss.

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