Top COVID-19 Search Trends & Best PPC Strategies To Implement

The impact of the pandemic has been seen across all industries. There will be a “new normal” for the economy and regarding consumer behavior for the post-COVID-19 world, which necessitates the shift in strategies. Top COVID-19 Search Trends Business models have been overturned as digital transformation has now been actualized and realized across all [...]

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B2B E-Commerce And COVID-19: The Challenges, Solutions, And Opportunities

The pandemic is evolving and with it is an increase in orders, disruptions in supply chains, changes in customer behavior, closures of the store, and more, all of which is affecting your B2B business. Ecommerce has seen a significant impact and here we discuss the challenges of COVID-19 on B2B e-commerce, solutions as well [...]

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Top 5 B2B Digital Marketing Tips During COVID-19 Times

Global business has been hit hard by COVID-19 and that is going to have a cumulative effect on your digital marketing activity. Focus on the following five major areas to lessen the existing influence on your business and boost growth. 1. Re-Assess Your Channel Mix Your traffic channel mix will continue to be constant [...]

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How To Hire A Shopify Developer: Everything You Need To Know

The business situation of ecommerce has completely changed as products are being showcased by the retailers online instead of brick-and-mortar stores. Such ecommerce stores in which aesthetics and functionality merges are needed now. That is where Shopify comes in as it offers excellence and effectiveness with simplicity and rich features. What Shopify Is Great [...]

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Top 10 Ecommerce Marketing Strategies Your Business Should Be Using

Customers have hundreds of thousands of options available online when they look for a product they want to buy. Hence it is important to know how to set yourself apart and get your name out there in order to lead the competition. The focus of your ecommerce marketing strategies should be on getting customers [...]

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How To Win More Wallet Share In B2B Ecommerce

Businesses can earn a larger portion of the expenditure of their customers by setting up efficient cross-selling and upselling methods as part of an effective B2B ecommerce site scheme. B2B companies can drive return on investment from digital commerce by using effective ecommerce methods. B2B companies need to work on their technology and business [...]

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10 Reasons Retail Will Never Be the Same Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected countries, economies, people, and businesses worldwide with shopping being one of the most affected areas. The retail industry is bearing the brunt of this unexpected crisis and retail businesses are trying to deal with it by figuring out workable methods to ensure continuity of the business. Retail has been [...]

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How Is COVID-19 Affecting The Global Economy

All kinds of businesses are profoundly impacted by the current coronavirus situation. The consequences for the global economy following the Great Financial Crisis in 2007-2008 were bad but what follows the pandemic are even worse with a brief interruption of some businesses and events slowing down for others. It is impossible to say accurately [...]

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How Innovators Are Adapting Existing Technologies to Fight COVID-19

The havoc wreaked by the COVID-19 pandemic globally has lead innovators to look for new ways to contribute to the overall response against the crisis. DIY ventilators, face masks, and face shields are created for the healthcare workforce by various universities. Some creative innovators are altering their existing products so that they can be [...]

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How Manufacturers Can Operate Safely and Productively During the COVID-19 Crisis

Businesses have adapted to a radically new economic and operating landscape but remote working cannot work for companies that manufacture. Employees need to work onsite for factory production work and during the pandemic, manufacturers are more needed than ever. We rely upon them for much-needed supplies such as medical and home-essential supplies and they [...]

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