Top 10 Cybersecurity Trends To Watch In 2020

The number of security breaches, lethal IT security threats is increasing and so does the variety and volume of attacks. There is a pressing need to set up advances and procedures in place to deal with such issues. Today, the biggest challenge in cyberspace is the cybersecurity and attacks are evolving at an unprecedented [...]

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Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends For 2020

Digital transformation trends have been revolutionizing over the last few years. Technology and the number of companies using them are also increasing. The digital transformation can be considered an essential disruption which inspires most of the businesses to enhance their customer experience. However, the increasing pressures in cost, efficiency, and quality will be faced [...]

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How To Develop A Digital Transformation Strategy For Smart Cities

An integrated approach to the Internet of Things (IoT), connectivity, Artificial intelligence (AI), distributed computing and other technologies is required to transform cities into smart cities. Cities of a nation form pillars of the economic growth of that nation but they can become unmanageable due to various factors like overpopulation, undelivered or underdelivered critical [...]

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How Digital Transformation Helps Police Worldwide to Work More Intelligently

Advancements in technology are shaping professions of criminal justice. It has changed the way law enforcement agencies deal with criminalities. Police departments work with their communities to not only solve criminal issues but also to prevent crimes. There is a huge transformation in how policing was done earlier and how it is done in [...]

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How To Get Your Web Content Into The Google Answer Box

It is possible that when a question is entered by someone in the Google search box, Google uses your website to answer the question. The content from your website can be displayed in the Google Answer Box which is also called featured snippets. What Are Google Featured Snippets? Google's featured snippets are selected search [...]

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How To Implement Digital Transformation Strategy For Airports

Digital transformation for the airport involves introducing practices and providing facilities to offer a better experience to all customers. It is about implementing and employing innovative technologies and integrating them with the current technologies. Digital Transformation is a significant development which is affecting the airport business. It is not all about the introduction of [...]

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How to Bring Digital Transformation For Manufacturing Industry in China

The Chinese manufacturing economy is slowing due to rapid expansion. Most of the manufacturers are struggling to sustain growth, and most are discovering that their efforts are inadequate to meet the market demands. To restore growth, Chinese companies must go through a digital transformation using new data-driven methods and digital technologies like Artifical Intelligence [...]

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How to Use Digital Transformation For Making Seaports Smart

Ports continue to be revolutionized with the advancement in technology. The shipping industry has introduced remote-control cranes, self-driving trucks, containerization, larger vessels, electronic data interchange, and other latest technologies. A digital approach must be adopted by operators who want to maintain a competitive edge. Smart-port technologies must be implemented in order to stay productive [...]

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How to Plan Digital Transformation For Manufacturing Industry

Digital technology is changing the manufacturing industry and transforming traditional, linear manufacturing supply chains into more dynamic, interconnected systems. Advanced technologies like Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and 3D Printing can have a huge impact on how manufacturers design, produce and sell their products & services.  Digital transformation of [...]

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How to Jumpstart Digital Transformation For Medical Professionals

Medical professionals are overburdened with regulatory and budgetary demands. Additionally, patients want to be empowered and have more communication with their health care providers. It is increasingly difficult to meet these challenges with outdated tools that were not designed to meet present-day requirements. It is no secret that health treatments have advanced with technology [...]

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