The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Ecommerce Conversion Rates

Conversions are one of the top factors that determine the performance of an ecommerce website. Knowing how to increase conversions can prevent the risk of an ecommerce business with little sales or visitors. As a result, increase in the conversions will increase the visitors and sales of the business.

So, how do we increase the conversion rate of an ecommerce website? May be it requires improvement on your landing page. Encouraging people to purchase your product after you make some improvements on the site designs, could also lead to an increase in the conversion rate. But, what are the most effective methods for increasing the conversion rate?

Let’s start with your customers. Without them your business would be at a stand-still with no chance of rising. So, this makes your customers the most valuable part of your ecommerce business. You can very well use this to your advantage by involving and engaging with them.

The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Ecommerce Conversion Rates – An Infographic 


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One way to involve your customers is through reviews and referrals. The more opportunity a customer gets to freely express his/her views, the more accepted and desired he/she feels when dealing with your ecommerce business.

When a customer has excellent purchasing experience, they would wish to share such experiences, and can do so through the reviews. So, this allows future buyers to have a guide as to which products are worth purchasing.

Naturally, a negative experience would lead to a negative review and decrease the ecommerce conversion rate, which we wish to avoid. Referrals or specifically a referral program could be put in place as a way for customers to be rewarded for spreading the word of your ecommerce business. Free trials could also be provided, as well as demos, discounts, and exclusive offers that could lead customers towards future buyers. Example, for each customer they bring to your business, a reward, or exclusive offer will be given.

Some ecommerce businesses keep their business running and nothing seems to be growing much from the start up till the present time. Why is that? You may receive many visitors, but may not make any sales, or any returning visitors. This could be due to your credibility. So, how do you prove your credibility? Many customers that shop online avoid a website due to lack of trust, and your sales in this case could increase by simply proving your credibility. This will show visitors that your products and ecommerce business can be trusted.
So, we know our customers are the most valuable part of our ecommerce business, but what can we do to keep them once for all they visit our website? A customer may leave a website for many reasons, and this in-turn will hinder the chance of increasing the ecommerce rate. One such reason customers do not stay is, the quality of a landing page. The quality can be increased by including detailed product descriptions, as well as product videos, and adding customer reviews. Social media buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn etc can also be beneficial.
In addition, protecting purchases, proving authenticity, changing the color of the buttons, and high quality images, each can lead to a better quality landing page that will draw your customers to stay and explore your products rather than turning them off the moment of arrival.
There are many other ways to get customers engaged, such as showing them images that inform them of discounts, loyalty programs, free trials, and more that could entice the customer in trusting your ecommerce website, and in turn increasing the ecommerce rate.
As your ecommerce business grows, you can start recommending popular products, allowing their search to be easier. You may also display credibility, Feature high revenue products at the top, or add assurance copy. Simply present things for the comfort of the customers search, and willingness to continue purchasing through your website.

It is very important to remember your customers can not purchase your products if your website is not functioning properly. So it is mandatory to have a user-friendly, mobile-friendly and highly responsive website. Making sure the website can be accessed and navigated properly with no trouble on any device (smartphone, iPhone or tablet).

As you have seen, you can increase ecommerce conversions in a multitude of ways, but like all things, it requires our attention and effort if we wish to do it properly. You can do this by making it appear as if a big item is going to be unavailable by a specific time, and those interested would be more likely to jump on the opportunity before the product is gone.
Another way to increase the conversion rate could be through offering free shipping. Most of the customers who shop online are more likely to purchase an item listed with free shipping compared to one without. The more affordable option draws the most attention, and is likely to have reoccurring customers that would in turn boost the ecommerce conversion rate.


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