Magento is the world’s leading platform for business to business websites as it provides easy, intuitive online shopping experience which is so good that it feels like B2C. This is a crucial factor because due to constant technological advancements, the shopping process of customers and their preferences are changing. In order to stay updated with new trends in the market, Magento ecommerce provide online businesses new methods to engage their customers such as fast speed, convenience, robustness, easy navigation and much more. We have brought you ways through which you can use Magento’s all-in-one cloud offering and rich, built-in B2B functionality in a quick and cost-effective manner.

Magento was recently named a leader in B2B commerce in The Forrester Wave.

Magento  provides a clear way for B2B companies who are seeking ways to revive their customer experience and enhance the purchasing power. It has all the core capabilities required to establish a great B2B commerce experience such as:

Company Account Management

Magento provides support sales to businesses that have multiple customers and diverse organizational structures. There are self-service tools that enable customers to do everything online, be it to track their orders, quotes, and credit, and set buyer roles and permissions instead of phoning you.

Custom Catalogs and Pricing

Magento is able to assign custom catalogs and price lists to ecommerce so that it is possible for unique contract terms to be sustained online.


Enables the businesses to quickly reply to quote requests and assign advantageous pricing with the help of swift workflow of Magento.

Quick Ordering

Customers are able to do their shopping quickly and comfortably with speedy order forms, requisition lists and easy reordering.

Powerful Merchandising

Magento assists buyers to discover new products and enhance sales with content management tools and B2C-tested search and merchandising.

Mobile-Ready Sites

Magento helps you to provide mobile ready sites that are fully responsive. It enhances the possibility of customers making a purchase from your site whether they are outside or at home.

Multiple Payment Options

With the help of Magento’s multiple payment options, you can provide the customers with flexible payment options by incorporating payment on credit cards, account and PayPal.

Backend Integration

Businesses can use extensive APIs and off-the-shelf extensions to simply combine with any CRM, ERP or other backend system.

Detailed Reporting

Magento provides detailed reporting with 75 built-in reports analyzing sales, customer, and product data.

Magento Commerce 2.2 is capable of supporting various B2B and B2C sites from the same platform. This allows effective administration along with a consistently compelling experience throughout customer segments and product lines. It is not just open and robust but flexible thus allowing businesses to confront any kind of complex business processes or requirements.

The Cross-Border E-commerce Community (CBEC)

The Cross-Border E-commerce Community has enabled ecommerce businesses to reach another stage. For instance, when your Magento ecommerce website will present the ‘at-home experience’, there will be no need for the user to just stick to the domestic market. This has given a lot of competition to domestic store merchants because now international businesses can directly reach the end customer. However, in order to make this work, you need to focus on the supply-chain management.

B2B migration from B2C has taken a leap via Magento B2B e-commerce solutions. With the help of Magento B2B ecommerce solutions, businesses are able to develop distinct customer groups. In this manner, the seller can easily adjust the certain catalog price rules, payment and shipping options for that particular group.

You need to focus on the layout and the look of your ecommerce website but at the same time, you must also focus on pricing, order management, shipping and other important factors. It is essential for your Magento B2B Ecommerce platform to be capable of retrieving information such as product catalog, customers, stock, customer groups, orders, purchasing invoices, rates and contracts.

As an ecommerce business owner, you should always remember that clients want to spend very little time searching for products. They seek fast, accessible and cost-effective ecommerce websites and if yours is not, it will not take them a second to switch to another. You can lessen this risk with the help of Magento ecommerce Development Company as it will provide you with powerful Magento ecommerce solutions including product management, easy order management, available invoice, and robust SEO.