Canton Fair 2019 – Largest Import and Export Trade Fair Show in China

What: Canton Fair 2019 - Largest Import and Export Trade Fair Show in China When: Phase 1: October 15-19, 2019 Phase 2: October 23-27, 2019 Phase 3: October 31- November 4, 2019  Where: China Import and Export Fair Complex (No. 380, Yuejiang Zhong Road, Guangzhou, China) Description:  Canton Fair is one of the biggest industrial fairs in [...]

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How to Optimize Digital Transformation For Utility and Energy Companies

Utility and energy companies like other businesses are focusing on digital transformation to keep up with customer demands and growth in consumption, and to stay ahead in the competition.  These dramatic changes are forcing utilities to reimagine their business models and leverage the digital transformation by engaging customers, empowering employees, transforming products and optimizing [...]

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How to Accelerate Digital Transformation For Retail

What Is Digital Transformation? Digital Transformation means the use of digital technologies to create business innovations that change the already existing industries or form new ones altogether. It is about reimagining the way to bring people, data, and processes together. Form a Digital Transformation strategy that emphases on these three parts in order to [...]

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How to Achieve Digital Transformation For Government Agencies

Government agencies need to start on digital transformation to deliver valuable digital services which can improve the livelihood of their citizens all around the world. The digital technologies can help government agencies to: Understand their citizens in a better way and achieve better results Provide services more effectively and efficiently To deliver best solutions to [...]

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How Mobile, IoT and AR Are Transforming Ecommerce Businesses

More and more customers are realizing how convenient online shopping can be. E-commerce is continuously growing and becoming ‘the preferred’ shopping platform. Digital transformation has a huge role to play in the boom of the e-commerce business. Trends are not fads that are forgotten. They are adopted and soon become normal. Below are the [...]

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Smart Cities Can Be Smart Business for Utilities

“What Makes A City Smart?” The answer to this question is broad but the smart infrastructure is surely the first thing that a city smart has. Smart infrastructure is has a direct connection with utilities. Utilities such as gas, water, grid, or lighting play a significant role in building a smarter city. The correct [...]

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How Financial Firms Can Use Marketing Automation to Grow Profits

Various financial firms are experimenting with marketing automation a limited number of them create a complete program that they use through their whole customer journey. Huge operational and marketing analytics data is gathered by firms much before a prospect turns into a client. If news customers are growing and the existing customers are staying [...]

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How Artificial Intelligence Is Driving Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is an industry that is growing quickly which is why the majority of the companies are already using some form of marketing automation. Marketing automation can use artificial intelligence (AI) to better target customers. With the growth of the industry, the use of AI in marketing automation is also increasing.  It has [...]

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Top 10 Strategic IoT Technologies and Trends

The latest strategic Internet of Things (IoT) technology trends will boost digital business innovation in the coming years. Key emerging IoT trends and technologies also demand CIOs having necessary skills and partners. There are ways using which CIOs can lead their businesses to discover IoT opportunities and make IoT projects a success. New opportunities [...]

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Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends In Healthcare

There was a time when scheduling a doctor’s appointment or getting any tests done would take days. But now healthcare is experiencing a constant and huge shift in order to provide better customer experience. The digital transformation trends, just as in other industries, is increasing in healthcare as well. The revolution of digital transformation [...]

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