Top 10 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2017

The dawn of a new age of technology is here ushered in by drones,  artificial intelligence,  augmented & virtual reality. With the rise in responsive design, unique layouts and increasing focus on Progressive Web Apps, there are a number of important things coming up this year that you must adapt to if you want to be ahead in web design and development industry. Advancements in display technology and access hardware give impetus to the birth of new trends and developments in design approaches. However, the graphic world is influenced also because of extensive factors that are time-sensitive, for instance, fashion, news phenomena, cultural events and others.

In case you are wondering about the hottest web design trends that will be ruling in 2017, they are presented below;

1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Web Design and Development

2017 will witness the rise of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open source initiative offered by Google that provides a convenient framework so that fast loading mobile web pages are created. Previously, websites used to take a huge amount of time to load on mobile devices but because of AMP, the pace speed of websites on a mobile can be boosted by the publishers. Also, the ad revenues stay intact. Furthermore, in 2017 the website owners can have the most use out of AMP Ad landing pages (ALP) as it is created to enhance the user experience (UX) of those who click on an AMP ad.

2. Layouts that Let Content Shine

Till now, there has been immense debating about whether the web design is slowly fading out, or missing its spirit. The designers are striving to create such layouts and designs for the website that are not just ingenious and unprecedented but also attractive to the customers. More emphasis will be on the content. The better the quality of your content will be, the higher it will be ranked in the search engine. That is why content with credibility and originality will be given more emphasis so that visitors cannot help but come back to your website again and again. A customer has thousands of website available just a click away, that is holding their attention is crucial and it can happen only when you can’t bring out innovative ways to display the content of your website to visitors. Thus, 2017 will be the year where methods for out of the box layouts and responsive design will come to life.

3. 3D Geometric Shapes, Lines, and Patterns

The trend of geometric shapes, lines, and patterns started off in late 2016 but it is going to prosper in this year as well. Continuing through 2017, geometric shapes are integrated everywhere on the websites nowadays and it is evident not just from the way websites are designed overall but also in the displayed images that have heavy geometric designs, lines and patterns. And with the help of 3D technology, all this can be taken to a whole next level. So, be ready see these developments of design style as it will help you in bringing life to your website and it will be something which the visitors will find hard to resist.

4. Customize your Google Map

An increasing number of customers are looking out for the red pin on the world known Google map to locate any particular store. The point here is that these maps look same on every website. However, you can make the most out of this service by customizing your Google map. By having a unique and stylish design that goes along well with the rest of your design is a great to stand out from the competition and attract customers to your website. There are tools through which you can personalize your Google Map.

5. Big, Bold Type

The emphasis this year is not just going to be on the content. A website, in order to stand apart from the crowd, must have features that go well with its texts. When your website has a type that resonates with the statement that is written, it creates a lasting impact on the mind of the users. Remember that having big or bold text doesn’t only indicate to the font size but also about having such one lined and simplistic narrative about the product or service that you are offering. When the statements written on your website are precise and bereft of any interruption, the user attention grows stronger.

Web Design Trends to Watch in 2017 – An Infographic

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6. Virtual Reality (VR)

Already, the internet is considered as a sort of an alternate reality. The year 2016 has seen the launch of every major VR platform and there are no second thoughts on the fact that VR is going to transform the web in a considerable way. It is anticipated that many of the leading businesses will employ VR on their websites.

7. More Emphasis on Landing Pages, Less On a Homepage

Having customers land on pages that are specially made for them is the best way to develop awareness and increase conversions and this is possible only because of the concept of content marketing. As compared to the home pages, there will be a considerable development in the designing of landing pages in 2017. Although home page is essential for a website, but getting the customer traffic to particular landing pages is becoming more important as it helps in targeting the needs of the visitors properly.

8. Be The King of Pop (Art)

A growing shade of pop are now coming around the Web and it is clear that in 2017 the edgy art is has come back into the fashion. But before trying out any of these pop arts, it is advisable to first consider the nature and visual identification of your business.

9. Microinteractions

It is a subtle yet potent method to communicate with a website and can be located in hovers, click animations, scrolling effects and other. In 2017, many of the designers are employing their time on them in order to make them are informative and precise.

10. Increased Use of Animations and GIFs

Compared to previous years, websites are now increasingly using more and more animation along with the content or instead of it. For instance, instead of writing about how something operates or how to do something, companies are using GIFs for the purpose.  However, in 2017, animations will be used more often in the websites as it catches the eye of the reader. Also, animation assists in making the process of communication simpler and faster as compared to text and video. Also, to have novel design elements, the animations will be using SVG and CSS.


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