Top 10 Technologies Not to Be Missed at CES 2020

The world’s largest Tech Show, the Consumer Electronics Show is finally here. CES 2020 is expected to represent 170000 techies from worldwide. Last year, it was driverless cars, large screen TVs and smart homes that dominated at CES, What new tech do you think will be trending this year?

Here are the absolute best and most unusual inventions from the CES 2020:

1. Virtual Visor

Bosch has launched a “Virtual Visor” that tracks a driver’s eyes to shut out the sun without darkening their perspective on the rest of the road.

A straightforward video screen floats over a driver’s head yet utilizes facial acknowledgment innovation to recognize their eyes, throwing a shadow over a little region of the driver’s face to prevent sun glare from meddling with their view.

CES 2020

Source: BOSCH

2. A Smart Mailbox

The ascent of online shopping has prompted a surge in “package thieves” who steal parcels left on porches, with the issue turning out to be intense to such an extent that police here in some of the parts of the United States have taken to leaving counterfeit Amazon boxes to get the culprits.

Canadian company Danby developed a smart mailbox to address the issue with the Parcel Guard, a shrewd letter drop. The crate has an enemy of burglary drop-in space for littler bundles, which is then opened with a code or cell phone application and can put phone calls between a package dispatch and a client on the off chance that they have to open the case remotely. It additionally includes a movement detecting camera to record when bundles have been conveyed.

ces 2020

Source: Amazon

3. RollBot

It has been assessed that the normal individual spends one and a half year of their life in the bathroom. Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble’s toilet paper brand, Charmin, has disclosed a two-wheeled robot intended to spare its owner at the most essential minute. The “RollBot” is called by a smartphone utilizing Bluetooth and utilizations innovation like a robot vacuum cleaner to explore to its owner, conveying a valuable extra roll.

Source: mediapost

4. The Virtual Fence For Your Meandering Dog

This GPS-empowered canine collar lets you “draw” a limit anyplace, including your home, the homes of loved ones, a campground or a recreation center.
If the dog escapes, the GPS alarms you through a smartphone application and helps you to track and find it, even in forests.

It utilizes two discernible tones pursued by a mild electric shock, like those utilized by increasingly customary pet regulation organizations, which work by laying wiring underneath the ground, so as to deflect the pets from leaving.


5.Light For Dealing With Dyslexia

French organization Lexilife has developed a smart light it says can alleviate dyslexia. Research distributed in 2017 proposed that the condition might be brought about by the example of cells in the eyes.

In non-dyslexic individuals, one eye gets prevailing, enabling the brain to process one picture. However, for individuals with dyslexia, the two eyes send data to the brain, making the confounding identical representation issues that make perusing troublesome.


6. Solar Powered Electric Tricycle

Wello, a French start-up has disclosed a vehicle that lies somewhere in between an electric vehicle and a bike, divulging a solar-powered electric tricycle.

The vehicle is pedal-helped, so needn’t bother with a driving permit and can go in bicycle paths, however, can arrive at a top speed of 25 miles for each hour, and is shielded from the components by a solar rooftop.

Source: CNET

7. The Juno Beverage Chiller

Tired of waiting for your fridge to slowly chill your drink? The Juno can cool a drink to just above freezing in less than two minutes, and a wine bottle in less than five minutes. On the off chance that you’ve at any point landed at a gathering with a warm container of white wine or neglected to remove your prosecco from the cooler before it detonates, this is the contraption for you.

Source: digitaltrends

8. Wearable Camera – The Hear

The Hear, a wearable camera made by Israeli tech organization OrCam, utilizes man-made brainpower to recognize the individual who is talking, and afterward utilize lip-perusing innovation to disconnect the sound of their voice, making it simpler for those with hearing challenges to get them.

Source: ORCAM

9. Control The TV With Your Mind Over Remote

One of the rising trends at CES is in “brain-computer interfaces”, headsets with sensors that can screen electrical movement in the brain and measure it.

A French tech company, NextMind, has developed a Bluetooth headband that it says could be utilized as a substitution for remote controls or video gamepads, enabling wearers to change directs or control characters in a virtual reality game basically by concentrating on an item on a screen.

Source: venturebeat

10. AirSelfie

Getting a major gathering into a selfie, or in any event, finding the correct point while holding the camera yourself, can be dubious. US company AirSelfie thinks it has the solution, with an automaton that can do it for you.

“Individuals are taking 100 million selfies a day,” says head supervisor Greg Appelhof. “Our market is Gen Z and recent college grads, who need to get that ideal shot.”


This automaton hooks on to a face by perceiving the state of eyes, nose, and mouth, and would then be able to tail you as you move. A hand sign can prompt it to snap a photo or start recording.

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