The trends of social media marketing are constantly changing. The customers remain involved and contented with a new social media platform being launched or new features being added to the already existing social media platforms. It is difficult for businesses to keep pace with all the latest features, tools, and strategies but, being aware of the social media marketing companies and social media marketing trends is essential for them to stay relevant in the digital world. Marketers modify their social media strategy as platforms change and new trends appear.

The following are the top 10 social media marketing trends, what these trends mean for your business, and how you can leverage them.

1. Organic Reach On Social Media Channels Is Declining.

Organic reach through social media channels is continuously decreasing. This is not a new social media marketing trends. Social media platforms have been trying to make the user experience more efficient by decreasing the number of branded messages in a customer’s feed. This will make it difficult to use only organic content to get new audiences on social media as it is highly likely that even your followers won’t be able to see your organic content.

 You can overcome this challenge by using social media advertising as part of your complete strategy. Social ads will better your organic reach and visibility within your target market. Social platforms offer you with refined targeting abilities to ensure that your ad content reaches those who are probably interested in your brand.

2. Video Is One Of The Most Effective Content Formats On Social.

Video is one of the top social media marketing trends and a potent tool for marketers nowadays. You are losing the chance of reaching and involving your target audience if you aren’t using video as part of your social media marketing strategy.

You are competing to compete for your audience’s attention as you post content on your social media channels. Audiences can just scroll over the written content that comes on their feed but videos get their attention. Posting video content is a powerful way to involve and engage your target audience and get their attention.

3. Ephemeral Content Provides Higher Engagement Rates.

The type of content available for a small amount of time is known as ephemeral content. Basically, Snapchat made ephemeral content to be one of the popular social media marketing trends, which is why it has become one of the famous Instagram and Facebook trends as well.

It remains on Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram stories for up to 24 hours after which it disappears. A predictable expiration date has made this content irresistible for the consumers, especially millennials. Businesses can benefit from the fame of ephemeral content by having these kinds of social posts in their social media marketing strategy.

4. Facebook Reviews Become A Key Asset For Businesses.

Customer reviews on social media platforms like Facebook are a crucial part of digital marketing. Customer reviews are one of the most critical Facebook trends so far as consumers’ growing dependence on Facebook reviews is a part of their buying decision. Every review of every customer plays a significant role while other customers are considering purchasing with your brand.

You can use this opportunity to influence more conversions on Facebook by encouraging those customers satisfied with their purchase with your brand to leave a review on your page. Work towards maintaining a positive reputation online by offering quality customer service across all of your online channels.

5. Businesses Need To Harness The Power Of Live Streaming.


Live streaming was slowly adopted by businesses but over the years how brands are using this feature to engage their audience has evolved and it has now become a potent tool for companies to portray a more human side of their brand. Businesses are increasingly using this social media trend as the quality to record audio and video is increasing.

Recording live video provides businesses a chance to deliver more exclusive content, creating enthusiasm around their brand and allowing them to interact with customers live. Analyze your campaigns to figure out which would benefit from live, interactive content and that is how you can include this trend into your own social media strategy.

6. Savvy Consumers Have Become Better At Avoiding Advertising.

The modern consumer knows how to avoid promotions, tune out sponsored content, or even block advertising. This is the latest social media marketing trend that is posing a challenge for lots of businesses. Traditional marketing concentrates on selling to the consumer but a social media marketing agency will suggest a smart strategy that is required if companies want to engage their social media audiences.

Businesses need to develop authentic, engaging, and valuable social media content instead of using sales language and going directly for the conversion in the social posts. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t advertise on social media but adopt the same approach while dealing with advertising as you would for organic content. Avoid using the sales language, and highlight what value is offered by your business.

7. Retargeting Through Social Media Ads Becomes An Essential Part Of Marketing Campaigns.

Social media advertising helps the organic content in your social media strategy but retargeting ads can be of real advantage to brands that want to re-engage users who just visited their site and didn’t make a purchase.

Social media platforms including Facebook can be used to reach users after they’ve left your site. These retargeting ads allow businesses to use strategic and targeted content in an attempt to get the user back to your site.

8. Mobile-Friendly Content Is No Longer Optional For Social Media Marketing.

The mobile audience is pretty important and mobile-friendly is a must for every business that wants to target their mobile audience. The number of mobile social network users is constantly increasing each year. Consumers use mobile phones to look for new products, shop and also accessing their social media accounts. You are losing the opportunity to reach a substantial amount of new leads if you aren’t creating mobile-ready content. Post-mobile-friendly content on your social channels including video content.

9. Businesses Need To Pay More Attention To Social Listening.


The process of checking social media for information about what customers, competitors, influencers, and experts are saying is called social listening, and businesses need to reach new audiences.  Social media companies can help you to monitor conversations and collect data, which can be used to revise your social media and content marketing strategy.

10. Influencer Marketing Continues To Reign Supreme On Social Channels.

Influencer marketing has become one of the most powerful social media marketing trends. Social media influencers have many followers on their social media profiles, and consumers usually look up to these individuals for advice or guidance on different topics. You can collaborate with these people in your industry to expand your reach and gaining more followers.