Ecommerce Makes Up A Bigger Portion Of The Distributor Sales Pie

20% of all distributor sales are going to be done online in the near future. Analysis and data in the 2020 Distributor 300 report reveal that last year about 16.9%—$957.0 billion of all distributor sales of about $6.0 trillion was done on an ecommerce site, marketplace, or log-in portal.

The day is near when U.S. distributors will see B2B ecommerce sales as the largest part of the sales pie. 2020 B2B —Distributor 300 report from Digital Commerce 360 B2B was released recently which shows that five years back ecommerce constituted nearly 11%, or $580.8 billion, of all sales.


The ongoing impact of the coronavirus on digital business buyer behavior pushed ecommerce sales in 2020 which will constitute almost 17%, or $957.0 billion, of all U.S. distributor sales.

Nevertheless, distributor ecommerce is nearing the day when ecommerce will become the largest part of the sales pie as 20% of all sales will be online.

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