Tips to Help you Convert Leads Into Customers using Marketing Automation

A pipeline of Leads is important for any business whether its B2B or B2C. After lead generation, one must start qualifying and converting those leads into customers. This process starts with understanding the lead, segmenting it and nurturing in a sequence using marketing automation.  Marketing automation helps you better  to target your leads with relevant messages. Marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot, Infusionsoft, Marketo, Exacttarget (Salesforce Marketing Cloud) can help you convert leads into customers.

Here is a list of tips to help you convert leads into potential customers using marketing automation :

Sequence of Email Marketing Campaigns or Drips:

Good email marketing essentially turns your leads into customers making use of marketing automation. Instead of sending out general blast email to the whole email lists, you can segment your leads and write a personalized mail to each list based on triggers and their interests. Do not waste resources and time reaching out to customers who are not interested in your services or products. It will shrink your email list and cause spam. Email drips are automatic and when you send out the first email, many more emails are set up automatically and sent two days to once a week later. Check whether the links in the email are performing well, email content, track the opening and click through rate for your subject line. Make adjustments to your email as you want. Keep testing to see which formula works best. Your results tend to be different with different segmented audience that you target.

High Converting Landing Pages with Call to Action

If you have a strategy in place for drip emails, but have no clue on where to send people when they open your email, then the landing pages target the lead with a relevant call to action for high conversion. Landing pages are an important component of your marketing campaign. Landing pages are the important pages on your website to collect new leads and qualify your leads that come through drip emails.

Short & Quick Form 

An important element of a landing page is the lead conversion form to a sale or other desired goal.  The number of fields a form contains depends on how valuable an offer would be for customers who will fill in the form. If the information that is offered is challenging to be found elsewhere, you could probably request for more details. However, if you are unsure, it is the good to stick with basic requirements, email address, first name and last name. You would have a better chance of converting if you do not turn off potential customers early in the process.


Marketing and Sales Integration

Integrated marketing and sales part of any business is a bonus of implementing the right marketing strategy. If you are using an automated marketing system, you tend to get leads based on previous activities and signs of interest. The sales team can in fact streamline communication with template and automated messaging and get push notifications while leads return to the website. Sales managers usually assign tasks to the rest of the team based on every lead’s score. In case a lead has filed a form, click through from the drip mails and continue to interact with drip messaging. Consumers would have a high score due to their likelihood to be receptive to conversation with one of the sales team member. This permits the sales team to prioritize time in the best way as they spend time speaking with the lead prospects.


Targeted Blog Content

Blog content is a critical part of any integrated marketing plan. While building email topics for the campaign, start planning corresponding blog post topics that are relevant topics for your desired leads and your industry. If you have published blog posts already that stand relevant to drip emails, analyze the content that you can reuse, go on to write the remaining blog content. Include links to relevant blog posts in your drip emails to help nurture leads. You need to develop great content marketing strategy in order to generate much needed content. However, once the content is set, it is easier to adjust and analyze according to results. Remember to educate and inform first and not oversell your audience.

Respond Quickly to Leads

Like you, your leads have busy schedules and constantly get exposed to new information, service and products. Most of the leads expect to be responded in as less time as possible when your website, products are still fresh in their mind. Connecting with these potential customers within a few minutes can increase the chances of conversion.

Personalized Experience

The right way to start building a relationship is by giving leads a sense of importance. Personalizing their experience is a great way to instill a good feeling among your leads. It will get them to choose you over other competitors. Most of the leads choose a competitor due to poor experience. Provide them with unique offers, mail them welcome cards, personalized emails and make their experience unique by various other means. Not only will you be offering good customer service, but you will take the first step in building a relationship within no time.

Engage your Leads Emotionally

Think about the time you had positive experience with business. Thinking about experience from the lead’s perspective helps you warranty a strong, lasting relationship. Do think about the kind of product, content, offers and other overall experience that your lead would like to connect with. Once you have emotionally engaged them, they are likely to turn into customers. The basic trick is to create a personal touch and a memorable moment.


Purchasing decisions take some time as there are various factors that come into consideration. Some buyers are greatly affected by the pricing of the service while others give importance to quality and features. You need to be patient and give your leads time to convert. You can give your visitors enticing coupons that they cannot refuse, let them contact you from any of the website page, give them unique details on the business and through mobile friendly websites, you can connect with them right away via smartphones, iPhones and iPads. Most customers do not convert until the 5th time they have seen your message/contact.


Bringing people to your webpage through your marketing efforts is just a part of the battle. There are various ways to turn website visitors into leads and subsequently into customers. Though it is not an easy task, yet it is worth all the efforts you put into the marketing strategy. Contact us today for FREE marketing consultation or call us now at 619.567.9322 to know more about how to turn your leads into potential customers using marketing automation.







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