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  • What is Klaviyo One?
  • Benefits of Klaviyo One
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Klaviyo, a unified customer platform, recently announced the development and launch of Klaviyo One, a new enterprise solution designed to assist large businesses in unifying all of their customer data and driving personalized experiences at scale.

Klaviyo One is built to accommodate large companies’ speed, complexity, and scale. It provides solid support, substantial assistance from Klaviyo experts and its vast partner ecosystem, and enterprise-grade capabilities for multifactor authentication and permissions.

Leading companies no longer need to spend countless hours or millions of dollars attempting to get their entire tech stack to work together – Klaviyo One collects all of their customer data, makes it available in real-time, and leverages it to power highly relevant experiences that deliver accurate results.

What is Klaviyo One?

Klaviyo One is a new Klaviyo tier designed exclusively for larger brands, with features that enable greater collaboration among internal stakeholders and a considerably improved way of working with Klaviyo experts.

Klaviyo One is designed for top brands looking to personalize communications to their users at scale, easily attract new ones, and drive revenue using their data. Citizen Watches, Twinings Tea, Taylormade Golf, Lord & Taylor, Staples, Tommy Bahama, Vital Proteins (a Nestle Company), Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, and Spanx are some customers who use K1.

Benefits of Klaviyo One

With Klaviyo One, businesses have access to:

Industry-Leading Security, Compliance, Governance, And Reliability

Klaviyo One helps you keep ahead of the current privacy and security policies by providing third-party audit certifications such as SOC2 and ISO27001 that comply with industry best practices.

However, we are mindful that security breaches continue to be a danger, particularly at the hands of malicious organizations. Klaviyo encourages security researchers to uncover vulnerabilities in our system and rewards them if and when they expose security concerns to secure your data and the data of your customers.

A Unified Platform built to unleash growth.

There’s no need to interact with various systems that don’t communicate; Klaviyo pulls everything together in one powerful customer interface, saving you time and money.

No configuration is necessary for Klaviyo one’s unified platform to collect, integrate, store, monitor, and analyze customer data from any integrated source, at any time. Add to it reporting, predictive analytics, and machine learning tools that enable omnichannel experiences to be delivered at scale.

Fast and Accessible to Speed and Execution.

Klaviyo One brings enormous speed to enterprise e-commerce platforms. Automated A/B testing, reporting, and revenue attribution enable you to move quickly, going from idea to execution in a single day, and doubling down on what works.

Enterprise-grade personalization that scales.

Since business-grade software should be quick and simple, Klaviyo one is altering the enterprise experience in terms of dependability, cost, and API limitations.

Powerful ecosystem ready to help customers.

With a dedicated staff of e-commerce experts to set up, optimize, and debug your customer platform, Klaviyo One integrates effortlessly into the stack you already have. In order to support you in achieving your business objectives, Klaviyo One enables you to combine your customer data via our 220+ out-of-the-box integration and open APIs. Additionally, as a developer, you can add to the platform if you desire more.

Support & Maintenance

Before you even start onboarding, your dedicated team of Klaviyo professionals will work with you to comprehend your present tech stack, revenue model, product catalog, how you’ve promoted in the past, and what improvements you’d like to make in the future.

The objective is to remove any potential impediments off your runway and make sure you are ready for a trouble-free onboarding departure.

Then, as part of the onboarding process, our team will devise a strategy for obtaining your historical and real-time data, integrating it into our CDP, and determining the best ways to use it to guide segmentation, automation, reporting, and your entire marketing strategy.

Advanced Segmentation And Personalization

Speaking of automation and segmentation, Klaviyo One is here to challenge your perceptions of what is achievable.

You can divide your audience into groups according to almost any criterion you can think of, including specific purchases, the use of discount codes, and anticipated customer lifetime value, and then combine that grouping with other data you’ve gathered using our code-free, marketer-friendly segment developer. You can create a segment (with an unlimited number of attributes) to match as long as you have the data.

Your messages remain current since all of your portions are constantly updated.

Your customized segments can be used to power email and SMS automation that provide your audience with useful information once they have been designed to your specifications.

Direct API Access

Klaviyo is soon going to release a stand-alone version of the database that powers Klaviyo’s segmentation and automation engines. With direct API access to profiles within Klaviyo, businesses can instantly query a profile’s real-time event stream for a limitless number of marketing (for example, personalizing website content) and non-marketing use cases (for example, routing support tickets based on user activity).

Additionally, Klaviyo’s CDP will give businesses more resources, including new methods for bulk data import and enhanced webhook capability, to let merchants ingest, store, and activate all of their customer data at scale.

More Flexibility For Enterprise E-Commerce

Since brands that use Klaviyo for their data and customer communication piping grow into the enterprise retail market, the Klaviyo One platform is the need of the hour.

However, Klaviyo’s entry into the enterprise sector and our stand-alone CDP aren’t just for current clients. Klaviyo is on a mission to provide these capabilities to every corporate organization that is ready and prepared to put the needs of its customers first. Klaviyo’s extensive expertise has assisted the greatest companies in the world in creating superior customer experiences.


Regardless of the number of subscribers you have, you may tailor the messaging your company sends out into the world to the specified interests of your audience.

Klaviyo can assist you in segmenting your list whatever you like so that your emails and messages are highly targeted and beneficial to the people who receive them.
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