The $800 Lectric XP Lite e-bike is a sheer joy to ride

Lectric XP Lite

A foldable electric bike seems like a gimmick. I had my doubts about whether an e-bike could offer uphill power, ride like a regular bike, and still pack up into a small space until riding the Lectric XP Lite. The Lectric XP Lite, however, accomplishes all of those tasks for a tempting $799 price.

The Lectric XP Lite has the comfort and adjustability of a BMX bike, or it might be a small, one-speed mountain bike. It’s difficult to discern if the bike has any distinctive features as you hold onto the handlebars and place your feet on the pedals. This is advantageous. It’s simple to adjust to it right immediately. Compared to other e-bikes, even the electric pedal assist and throttle feel incredibly natural.

However, you can fold it in half and disassemble the handlebars to store or carry it when you’ve finished riding. The bike weighs a respectable 46 pounds, but I personally can’t transport it very far when folded, and I doubt many people could either.

Consider its ability to fold as a feature that will help keep it out of the way when not in use. Or think of it as a means to drive the bike somewhere you otherwise wouldn’t be able to ride it. Despite my initial skepticism, this Lectric bike has fully won me over.

Lectric XP Lite

How Do Folding Bikes Work?

The Lectric XP Lite sits on a metal bar right below the chain wheel when it is folded up. The Lectric XP Lite has a very well-thought-out design, in my opinion. The bike may be folded in two main places. It has two joints: one at the bottom of the handlebar pole and one in the middle of the frame. A few translucent rubber discs are affixed to the bike’s frame. Until I folded the bike and noticed those potential impact zones, I didn’t realize its use. Everything started to make sense.

There is an additional metal portion of the frame for the bike to rest on, which will aid in folding the bicycle without destroying it. The component aids in gear crank protection. To take advantage of the opening that the folding generates, the battery even fits into the frame at the joint.

If you had to choose between a larger, foldable e-bike and a smaller one, like the Jetson Bolt Pro, I would go with the larger one. The lighter bikes still weigh more than 40 pounds, but they don’t have as high of a top speed or as comfortable of a ride.

Why Should you buy Lectric XP Lite?

BMX-Style Bike
We’ll examine the new Lectric XP Lite foldable electric bike in an e-bike review. Even though it is compact and light, it has adequate power to propel a full-sized BMX bike.

You won’t have any trouble moving the frame because it folds almost in half. The Lectric XP Lite electric bike has a single-speed mountain bike frame yet rides like a comfy BMX bike.

It is simple to pedal and boasts a 720-watt max motor, although it lacks a front suspension. The XP 2.0 is a fantastic option if you’re seeking for a bike that will be ideal for daily commuting in the city.

Slimmer 2.4″ Tires
A wonderful option if you’re looking for a single-speed bicycle is the Lectric XP Lite. It has a thinner frame and 2.4-inch tires but the same folding mechanism as the original XP.

About 20 pounds less weight is carried by the XP Lite. Additionally, the XP Lite has mechanical disc brakes and integrated lights unlike its predecessor. Additionally, it comes pre-assembled so you can start using it right away.

The Lectric XP Lite weights 46 pounds rather than 57 pounds despite being nearly comparable to the well-regarded e-bikes. It is one of the lightest folding electric bikes available as a result.

Slimmer tires improve cornering speed and lighten the load, and a stiff front fork results in a frame that is more compact when folded. The XP Lite is a fantastic option for people who wish to try out an e-bike without breaking the bank thanks to these characteristics.

Better Shifting
The XP Lite is an affordable electric bicycle featuring a high-quality motor, a sizable battery, and integrated LED illumination. The Lectric XP 2.0 is a higher-end model that is lightweight, has superb shifting, and can fit in a car trunk.

This compact bike has a top speed of 28 miles per hour and can be folded up in 30 seconds.

Most riders can be powered by its 300W motor, but if you’re an experienced rider, you might wish to choose the Lectric XP 2.0 model. It has a seven-speed shifter and can reach a top speed of 28 mph.


Faster Brakes
A folding electric bike featuring a quick braking mechanism and a backlit LCD display is called the Lectric XP Lite. Right from the handlebars, you can see the battery level monitor and integrated LED lighting.

For those on a tight budget who yet want a dependable electric bike, this is a great option. The current price of the Lectric XP Lite, without accessories, is $799.

A strong, 850-watt peak-watt geared motor and seven-speed transmission are features of the Lectric XP 2.0 e-bike. It boasts adjustable fork suspension and powerful 160mm mechanical disc brakes. It folds to fit in a car trunk and has 20-inch wheels with big tires.

No Fenders
On the Lectric XP Lite, you shouldn’t expect to find fenders for the price of a conventional e-bike. Due to its lightweight, however, it is not a deal-breaker. The XP Lite has a suspension fork and several lovely tiny built-in amenities, such as integrated lighting.

For storage and transportation, the bike may be folded up into a small package that is zip-tied. Its 48V lithium-ion battery has an 800W peak power capacity and 500W continuous power.

Fenders and a rack are not included with the Lectric XP Lite, which could be a turnoff. The single gear, according to riders, has its limitations in mountainous terrain.

lectric xp lite

Should You Buy the Lectric XP Lite?

It’s still important to think about folding the Lectric XP Lite even if you never do. At $799, it’s an excellent deal and a decent e-bike. I believe that its seamless pedal assistance makes most rides manageable.

But being able to store a folding bike in a car’s trunk is one of its biggest advantages. This makes it feasible to ride a bike in locations where you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. Even though I have a bike rack, it can be a hassle to constantly put on and take off. The XP Lite would probably be folded up and placed in the trunk of my tiny SUV.

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