4 Reasons Why Sites May Lose Google Rankings

4 Reasons Why Sites May Lose Google Rankings

There are four reasons why sites lose rankings as per Google’s John Mueller. He gave an overall outline and not necessarily a full list of reasons. The answers offer understandings about why a website may have lost ranks and help begin the route of devising a recovery plan.

First, John Mueller clarified that there was not sufficient data in the question for providing a particular reply. He then offered a general answer.

1. Top Rankings Are Temporary

Rankings are fundamentally short-term. There’s a specific sense that once a site is ranked at the top it will remain there. Generally, just because the website was doing fine in search results for many years does not mean that it will remain to seem well in search results in the future. These types of shifts are basically to be predicted on the web, it’s a very usual vibrant environment.

2. The Internet Changes All the Time

Everything keeps changing on the web. Links to a site vanish, opponents get links, content changes and new websites appear. Such are the things that influence how applicable web pages are to search for queries.

3. Google’s Algorithm Changes

Source: blog.searchmetrics.com

This is one of the motives to clarify spectacular changes in rankings. Not that ranking factors change. When there is a change in the algorithm it could be that Google is changing the way it comprehends web pages. Pages featuring top-five lists used to dictate the search rankings many years ago. The reason could have been the way Google understood web pages. The top five type pages were simpler to get. But the algorithms have changed, so that’s not in any longer.

After an update, a usual error that the publishers make is to check the site internally to figure out what it is the site is doing incorrectly. Another error is to believe that Google is “targeting” a kind of website. Most algorithms that are the topic of research papers or patents are not about “targeting” kinds of sites or attempting to look for sites that are doing things wrong.

4. People Change

This is the final important reason why websites lose traffic or rankings. The way and the reason people find stuff online can change. What is being searched by people can also change. If a kind of product becomes less accepted then the traffic to websites about that product is likely to decrease. This type of decrease in traffic can seem a long and slow decrease. It is essential to constantly be on top of user trends.

Since the expectations of the users also change, therefore just because a thing worked fine in the past doesn’t mean it will also work fine in search in the future. A general feature of successful sites is that they are continuously in progress. The things that form a part of a dynamic website are website technical improvements, user research, user experience improvements, developing a close relationship with users of the site.

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