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PROS offers its innovative Video Marketing Services custom  designed to generate qualified volume traffic to your website.

Video Marketing has come of age, with YouTube rightfully regarded as one of the largest search engines after Google itself. So any business not harnessing the power of videos to reach out to prospective clients is not getting all it can get from its marketing campaign.

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Our Services


Video Production

Did you know a video is worth over 1 million words of content? We have over 10 years of Video Production experience with professional company videos, short films, event videos, internal and external sales videos. We craft and deliver customized videos that highlight your brand and express your message well. Our video production professionals take care of full script writing, story-boarding, scene staging, lighting and audio according to your specifications. It can be anywhere from a simple one-camera, one-location shoot to a multi-location shoot with multiple cameras production with a director. Our team pays attention to every detail and makes each second of your video stand out above the crowd. Use our Video Production services and stay ahead of your competitors by engaging more than 100 million users everyday who watch videos on the internet daily.

Video Marketing

More than 46% of people watch a video online every day. Do you know how well-marketed videos reach them? Video Marketing is beneficial for your online videos because 80% of shoppers and customers watch videos before they buy any kind of products and services. With proper video marketing you can increase customer engagement up to 400%, which will boost your brand recall as well. Our Video Marketing services are designed to optimize your business videos, sales videos and other online videos. Our team helps your brand become popular on the best video platforms. We have reasonable packages for companies ranging from small business to large corporates and our prime focus is to drive results directly on your website. Gain the trust of more and more customers by making videos that grab their attention and convince them. You can convert more visitors into customers with our innovative and excellent Video Marketing services.

Video SEO

Do you know the real worth of your online videos? Our SEO plans and strategies will optimize your videos to reach your target audience by selecting the precise keywords, demographics, adding related tags, unique titles and descriptions to increase your search rankings and help your videos go viral. We post your business videos on social channels and in doing so increase traffic to your website. The best part of our Video SEO services is that we know YouTube Video Marketing inside out. Using our Video SEO services your videos will create a buzz and succeed in reaching your customers. We can offer you you Video SEO services for all video platforms and search engines.

Branding & Logo Integration

Your branding can reach millions of visitors online with our brand & logo integration on videos. Enjoy maximum exposure and branding by adding product placement images, logos, your custom graphics and other marketing collateral in the video package we have designed for you. Get a complete Video Branding solution for your company with everything integrated by our Video Production and Marketing teams. Enjoy large customer acquisitions and leads by embedding these high quality videos on your website, blogs, email campaigns etc. We craft and bring you top notch business Video Branding and get top of the mind recall by graphical logo integration in between.

Full Scale Video Marketing Campaigns

Want to stay ahead of the curve in your business? Try our full-scale video marketing campaigns that provide RTB media buying, Search Engine Advertising on Google Adwords, Bing adCenter, Doubleclick, SEO and content for blogs, full press releases used for campaigning. These campaigns are designed to get every consumer touch point where we do Social Media Distribution of your videos on Facebook and even on Twitter, which supports videos. We can do not only this, but also get you offline media advertising including cable TV and network infomercials to give your business the boost it needs. Ask us how we can help.

What Are We Offering You?

We offer a wide selection of video solutions that can give your business a dynamic presence on the web. Whether you already have video or are starting from scratch, we can improve your Video Marketing efforts. We offer a full range of video services ranging from Video Productions and Motion Graphics pieces to Video Social Media Marketing, Syndication, and Video Content Delivery platforms used to monetize your video content.

Why Choose PROS

Popularity of videos has suddenly increased in the market. Our experts believe that a powerful video is the one which depicts a consistent story. It can bring far greater recognition and visibility when combined with the kind of marketing that you are performing. We share our own experiences with our clients, and visualize their idea through their perspective in order to provide the right services.

We work with you to generate traffic to your website and gain an enduring brand experience. With our services we aim to:

  • Drive more visibility to your products and services.
  • Increase the inbound traffic to your website
  • Create the right image and ignite the precise conversation on social media.
  • Make a distinction from your competition.
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