Whether you want to start a new business or expand your current business, Shopify is a wonderful option to sell your wholesale products. You can generate more revenue if you diversify your product line. Please contact us today for your Shopify projects or call us at 858-522-9960.

  • 79% of traffic and 69% of orders on Shopify stores were coming through mobile devices in the first quarter of 2019. (Hostingtribunal)
  • “Active” stores are estimated at “over 500,000”. (Ecommerce Platforms)
  •  More than 800,000 merchants are using a Shopify platform as is reported in February 2019. (Hostsorter)
  • Shopify’s revenue has steadily been increasing each year by more than 40% over the past few years. (Hostsorter)

What is Wholesale?

When goods are sold in huge quantities to retailers, it is called selling in wholesale. You can make money through wholesale like this: The needed raw materials are bought by a supply chain and a product is created.

Those products are bought in huge quantity by a wholesaler and sold to a retailer at a higher price. Then the retailer sells it to a consumer at a much higher price.

You can purchase at a low rate when you buy in bulk and then you can sell at a high rate to increase your revenue. It will attract new customers to your store – those who you missed targeting before. However, the first step is to find a wholesaler.

Finding Wholesalers

The Beta Shopify Wholesale Website

You can easily access lots of wholesalers that work with Shopify sellers. Go to wholesale.shopify.com, look for the products you want and then connect with the wholesaler. The wholesaler will contact you within three days.

Wholesale Directories

These directories are dedicated to wholesalers and, merchants who want to work with them. Doba, Worldwide Brands Directory, and Wholesale Central are some of the many popular sites giving you all the information about products and prices.

These services are not free. You might have to pay an ongoing subscription a one-time fee but all worth it as the time you would have spent on searching for wholesalers is saved plus you get access to reliable wholesalers.

Good Old Google

You can also reach wholesalers of the products you want by a simple Google search. Google the name of the product and the word wholesalers together and you will get a huge list of wholesalers of the products you’re interested in.

The good ones will automatically appear as the top results because wholesalers don’t deal with SEO. You can check the modernity and aesthetics of websites in this way. You can easily get their contact information from their website.

Check Out Manufacturers

You can contact the manufacturer of the product that you want to sell wholesale to find out who sells their products wholesale. If you can afford to buy the product in massive quantity then you can work with the manufacturer itself.

Trusty Trade Shows

You can try trade shows if things are not going well online or in personal meetings. It might be a bit expensive to get into one of these trade shows but it has many benefits, for instance, you get the chance to view the products closely and it can help you to develop a rapport with a wholesaler.

Be Smart When Shopping For A Wholesaler

Ensure that the one you are buying stuff wholesale to be an actual wholesaler because there are many frauds who claim to sell on wholesale but they, in reality, are selling your products at retail price. If you get the product at a retail rate then it is impossible to sell it at a higher rate and increase revenue. Ensure the following three things:

  1. Do they sell to the public?
    It is definitely not a wholesale business if this “wholesaler” also sells to the public.
  2. Do they charge a membership fee?
    This “wholesaler” isn’t in this business if they demand that you have to pay to develop and maintain a relationship with them.
  3. Do they ask for your business information?
    They are probably not in the wholesale business if they agree to work with you without confirming anything about you. Wholesalers will double-check facts about you by having you fill out an application and even want some legal business information.

Get Started Wholesaling On Shopify

After you find your wholesaler, establish a relationship, and place your orders. Then comes the time to start selling. You will usually get the products in bulk and then pack and ship them out as required. But you can also negotiate drop shipping with your wholesaler.

Drop shipping is when you purchase the product only when you need it. For instance, the wholesaler ships product out as you sell a product on your ecommerce site. Your customer will not see your wholesaler but you can save resources and time only selling these products as the orders come in


Remember to follow all of these tips while looking for a wholesaler. Dive into the wholesale business but also be aware of the warning signs. You can provide a wholesale option to your customers and allow them to purchase more product within a single transaction. Searching for wholesalers and selling products might seem intimidating but you can make a huge profit if you are prepared. Find products, establish relationships, and start selling on your Shopify store.