Top 10 Video Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth?

Video marketing is growing faster than ever and it has become crucial for ecommerce businesses to know the importance of videos especially video marketing trends for 2018 that are going to shape up the year. As the digital world keeps rapidly transforming, it is wise for ecommerce businesses to update their online marketing strategies accordingly. YouTube says that mobile video consumption grows by 100% every year and around 90% of customers say that product videos assist them to make shopping decisions. That is why our online marketing company in San Diego has brought you top ten video marketing trends for 2018 that will help you to beat the increasing competition.

1. Live Streaming Video for Business

The popularity of live streaming of videos has been constantly increasing and it will continue to do so in 2018. Apart from celebrities and people on social media sites, it is being used by top ecommerce businesses like Amazon & eBay because they have realized that this is a great link through which they can connect with the customers.

2. Should You Use 360 Video for Your Business?

With the help of 360° videos, users can enjoy the videos at a higher level as they can get a full view which is recreated for it. Initially, it was popular in traveling videos but now it has penetrated into the marketing industry. Businesses can now present their customers with an improved view of the products and services they provide. Read more about 360-Degree Video Ads

3. How Is Virtual Reality Changing User Experience?

In order to access this technique, one needs a pair of glasses that help in projecting actual-looking surroundings in which the viewer feels as if they are actually present in that video. Through its help, businesses can enhance the consumers’ experience as well as customer satisfaction. Read more about Virtual Reality’s Impact on Online Marketing

4. The Power of Video Mapping For Your Business

Video mapping is where 3D projections are made on a flat surface along with an addition of sound to enhance the experience. In 2018, more businesses are expected to use this technology as it enables the broadcasting of many well-known commercial or educational messages. Our ecommerce agency in San Diego is helping businesses to use this technology to enhence their user experience.

5. Setup Video Voicemail

By having video voicemail as an option, you can make your interaction with the customers highly engaging. For instance, if a customer needs help and has written you an email regarding the same. You can reply by sending a video that solves the query. It is something that will be preferred over text emails. Increasing number of businesses is going to use this technology to improve the interaction.

6. Video Marketing Designed For Multiple Devices (Mobiles, Desktops, Tablets)

Statistics have revealed that more than 80% of adults (18-49 age groups) use various devices at once.

This means, whether it is a mobile phone, a tablet or a laptop, your video marketing strategy should be applicable to all these devices. In order to effectively reach out to the target audience, it is highly recommended to not depend on just one video platform.

7. The Rise of Video Storytelling

Storytelling is a concept which is loved by everyone across the globe. It is engaging and stays with the customer long after the video has ended. If you incorporate this aspect into your videos, you have an effective video marketing campaign that will take the message of your brand to everyone in a potent manner. Videos that are simple and plain are loved by everyone and you can recount the story of your brand through the same.

8. Cross-Platform Strategizing

It is crucial to keep in mind that the video marketing strategy that you will create should span across different platforms. Marketers no longer make a video simply to put it on Youtube and the same on other social media sites. It has become important to create a video which is the platform specific. For instance, you can upload the entire video on Youtube, and then cut it into major bits to upload on Facebook. For Instagram and Snapchat, you can have 10-15 second videos.

9. Video Will Marry Web Design

An increasing number of brands will be integrating videos into their web design because it creates a lasting impact on the visitor. You can make your website unique and engaging by having a simple video on the home page as they can also reduce the bounce rate.

10. Automated Video Ads Have Made Landfall

Google has recently added an automated video add tool for app marketers to create promotional videos automatically by extracting the data. It is being used by a lot of businesses as it has made the generation of video ads very easy.

To attain success and stay ahead of your competition, keep the above-mentioned points in mind when you plan your video marketing strategy for 2018.

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