Google Brings 360-Degree Video Ads to YouTube

Google has launched 360-degree video ads to YouTube that let you engage your audience in an entirely new way! The new feature debuted for both Chrome and the mobile YouTube app on Android and iOS. You can use your mouse to pan around the field of view if you’re on a PC, or you can simply tilt your smartphone around if you’re on a mobile device. This new ad format is also compatible with Google’s Cardboard VR headset. YouTube Ads product manager JR Futrell said, “This is an important decision as now half of YouTube’s views come from smartphones and tablets. Google also claimed that 360-degree video ads guarantee richer experiences and enable the viewers to engage in an entirely new way”.

Here is an example of 360 Degree video on YouTube:

Before the advertisements became this interesting, Google already unveiled ‘360 Video Support’ for users. Majority of the companies have already uploaded 360-degree videos on their pages.

Key Features of Google’s 360 Degrees Video Ads:

Here are some of the important key features of YouTube 360 Degree Videos:

  • Google claimed that the previous 360-degree videos have performed 36 percent better than their standard counterparts. So, it was only going to be a matter of time before we would have begun to see it in ads as well. And now we can!
  • According to Google AdWords blogspotBeer brand Bud Light is the first advertiser to take advantage of the new feature, which runs on Google’s TrueView ad platform.
  • What makes advertisers happy and satisfied is the consumer interaction and sustained attention. If a user wishes to advertise on a 360-degree video, they will have to use a camera which Google supports.
  • For phones, simply move the device about to survey the entire scene, while those watching through Chrome can drag the picture around to see what’s happening in all parts of the wraparound picture.

Virtual reality has finally started its steps towards mainstream adoption, we expect to see more 360-degree videos or ads releasing out.



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