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To get started with Shopify POS loyalty programs, you can download the app for iOS or Android devices. After downloading the app, sign in with your Shopify account. Your POS app will then fill with the products that you sell, including those on the Growave platform. Once you’ve logged in, select the loyalty & rewards product in the app’s list. Choose the Growave Extension to see the available discounts, and you’re all set.


If you are interested in enhancing customer retention and increasing sales, ReferralCandy may be the perfect app for your business. This loyalty app combines affiliate programs with influencer programs to increase customer engagement and sales.

It incorporates pop-ups and referral programs to put your business in the spotlight, and it encourages word-of-mouth marketing. You can create a rewards program and manage its points and rewards in minutes, allowing your customers to redeem their points and rewards.
ReferralCandy provides an online help center and integrates with 14 eCommerce platforms. You can use widgets, embed sign-up forms, emails, and pop-ups to promote your loyalty program. If you are considering using ReferralCandy, you should keep in mind that it charges a commission on sales generated by your referrals.

The premium plan costs $49 per month. It also features dashboard data reports, as well as data on other companies in your industry.
The best part of ReferralCandy is its ability to integrate with other POS systems. ReferralCandy lets you create multi-channel loyalty programs with various features and benefits. The software enables you to integrate your loyalty programs with popular POS systems such as Shopify and Magento.

ReferralCandy is the leading referral program for Shopify POS, and it works seamlessly with all platforms.
ReferralCandy’s free plan comes with some useful features. It has 14 reward campaigns, a powerful referral program, and rewards pop-ups.

There are also free programs with additional features such as email marketing and fraud prevention. The premium plan adds Facebook and Instagram galleries to the list of rewards. The free plan does not feature social login and email marketing, but it does include a number of features to make it an all-around great loyalty program.
ReferralCandy’s Shopify POS loyalty program is more than just a simple tool for promoting your business. You can turn your customers into brand ambassadors with this app. Unlike other loyalty programs, ReferralCandy’s omnichannel approach allows you to harness the power of word-of-mouth promotion. ReferralCandy has a 30-day free trial that allows you to try the app for yourself.

Square Loyalty

If you’re looking for a POS system that can offer loyalty programs, you may have already considered Square. This popular POS system offers tools for creating loyalty programs and rewards, as well as bonus points and employee advocacy. Customers can easily sign up by providing their mobile phone numbers.

The benefits of Square loyalty programs go beyond enabling customers to receive text marketing messages. They also offer analytic reports and employee advocacy programs.
You can create a customer persona by analyzing Square POS data.

You can also conduct market research to come up with ideas for rewards programs. Experiences and other types of experiences are popular rewards. A unique experience is bound to create a positive customer experience and inspire social media posts. In order to design a successful loyalty program, consider your customers’ buying habits.

A successful program should include a range of incentives.
Both Square and QuickBooks offer different plans. Square’s free plan offers no upfront costs. However, you must pay for additional features and integrations. QuickBooks’s free plan only offers a 30-day trial period. The paid plan comes with a transaction fee.

Square and QuickBooks both offer 24/7 support. In addition, Square has a Free plan, which is free for small business owners. The price of QuickBooks POS is significantly higher than that of its competitors.
Square has five plans to choose from. The most basic one is free forever, while the two other ones cost $60 per location. There are also two industry-specific plans, Square Retail Premium and Square Restaurant Premium.

Square Retail Premium and Square Restaurant Premium are both $60 per month and include a host of custom features. All you need to install Square loyalty software is card reader hardware. With these plans, you can even access your sales forecasts and custom invoicing from your smartphone. In addition to custom invoicing and sales forecasting, Square also offers an offline mode.
Shopify POS customers will have access to an extensive array of options for setting up customer loyalty programs. The best solution for your business depends on your budget and technical expertise. PROS is web development & dallas seo company

Once you’ve chosen your program, you can add as many features as you like. You can choose whether to implement a simple program or a complex one based on your business needs. If you’re a small business owner, Shopify POS loyalty programs can be very helpful to your business.

Shopify POS


When a customer visits your store, they can use social media to log in to Growave and share it with others. Customers can also set up separate wishlists for different occasions. Wishlists help marketers retarget prospects and establish social credibility by showing them what other customers are adding to their lists. Growave’s loyalty program goes far beyond a discount coupon or a single point to build a stronger relationship with your customers.

Another great feature of Growave is the ability to target customers and prospects with highly personalized emails based on their interests and previous purchases.

The email builder allows even non-technical people to easily create an email template and customize its layout elements. Another benefit is the decent analytics tool. You can use the tools to track your customers’ activity and engagement strategies and measure the results. Moreover, you can set up multiple wishlists and reward customers for sharing.

Those who are looking for a loyalty program tool for Shopify POS should choose Growave. It is an all-in-one marketing app for Shopify stores that includes features like social media, wishlist, and loyalty programs. It is compatible with Shopify POS and supports multi-language.

It also offers rewards points for social media sharing and emailing friends about your store. Besides that, Growave also helps in increasing your shop’s traffic.
There are three plans available – Starter, Growth, and Enterprise. To test Growave, you can choose between the Starter and Growth plans. You can sign up for a trial of the Enterprise plan and use it for up to 14 days. After the trial period, you will be reverted to the free plan. To set up a loyalty program, go to the Loyalty and Rewards section of Growave.
Once you’ve created an account with the app, you can begin setting up your program. Select the program name and description. Once you’ve entered a few details, the Growave system will launch a setup window where you can add the tier, reward criteria, and specify the amount of points you’ll reward.

You can even customize the rewards and track events. You can even create your own custom emails to send to your customers and encourage them to leave reviews. PROS is a Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego 


If you’re looking for a powerful loyalty program for your Shopify POS store, Kangaroo is a great choice. This mobile loyalty app gives your customers the chance to earn rewards by spending, referring friends, and sharing offers on social media.

By offering personalized rewards, Kangaroo can reduce the amount of time spent by guests checking out. This program also allows you to communicate with customers through push notifications, email, SMS, and mobile apps.

A powerful loyalty program for Shopify businesses is easier than ever, thanks to Kangaroo’s unique omnichannel app. Kangaroo is the leading customer loyalty rewards platform and will help small businesses launch and manage their own loyalty programs with ease.

With Kangaroo, merchants can easily implement a custom-branded loyalty widget on their storefront and start rewarding their customers with discounts and other perks.
A loyalty program can boost traffic, increase sales, and increase customer engagement. Kangaroo Rewards integrates with Shopify POS and offers white label omnichannel solutions with built-in marketing engines.

It supports Shopify POS, WooCommerce, Magento, and Big Commerce. It is also compatible with a variety of POS systems, including Lightspeed, WooCommerce, and Magento. It also offers a free trial, which allows you to test it out for a month free.
Kangaroo is a cloud-based loyalty reward management system. It provides multiple options for managing your rewards program, including membership management, gift cards, loyalty management, and analytics. Kangaroo is compatible with Shopify POS and Lightspeed retail.

The app can be installed on any tablet and displayed at the point of sale. Customers can log in to earn rewards. This loyalty program allows you to stay in touch with customers and engage them with your products.

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