New Facebook Features That Will Improve Your Online Marketing

Facebook is the largest social media network that allows highly precise online advertising using almost any demographic including age, location, sex and interests. Online Advertising through Facebook has many advantages as it can immensely help to outspread awareness of a particular brand to a new audience. Facebook delivers content to the target demographics and increases traffic to the Page and the website.  More than 1.4 billion people use Facebook to connect with what matters to them, and more than 900 million visits every day. When a person runs a Facebook Advert, s/he chooses the audience that sees it by location, age, interests and more.



With Facebook Adverts, one chooses the type of audience they want to reach. This makes the adverts more relevant for the people who see them and brings the real results. Staying a step ahead of others, Facebook keeps pushing the envelope every year. It has recently added robust new features for paid social advertising and to get you up to speed on all the latest Facebook features that influence the social media marketing strategy, here are some of the latest options in advertising, video, and Facebook Messenger updates through which your businesses can do wonders!

  • Multi-product Ads

Facebook also enables the brands to make multi-product Facebook ads that highlight several products from the catalog, or diverse benefits of the same product. This has resulted not only into encouraging customers to browse through the products directly on Facebook but also helped the business to showcase their product selection.

Here is a tutorial on YouTube for ‘How to make Facebook Multi-Product Ads’?


  • Dynamic Cross-Platform Advertising

Facebook has focused a considerable part of the advertising overhaul on automating the process which enables the bulk of work to be done in the creation stage itself. Such as selecting the product, setting the right targeting parameters, and designing the ad. The new dynamic ads template allows for content to be automatically optimized for mobile, tablets, and desktop.


  • Targeted Product Ads

To help businesses connect with more and more customers, Facebook launched a new type of advertisements called Product Ads. This new feature allows a brand to upload their complete catalog of products on their respective page and then create distinct campaigns for each product. Alternatively, to show the right product to the right audiences, advertisers through the help of this can automatically let the social network target the ads. Moreover, these new ads can be aimed to reach audiences at different stages of the customer journey—for instance, by targeting people who have previously visited the brand’s website.

  • The Custom Audience Tool

The new Custom Audiences Tool lets one create varied audiences based on their behavior on the brand’s website, such as the pages they visited or the amount of time passed since their last visit. Also, this tool enables advertisers to target customers based on their previous purchases: For example, if a customer has bought a Tshirt from a retailer, they might see advertisements about accessories related to it.


  • A/B Testing for Ads on Facebook

In order to improve the performance, testing of divergent formats of Facebook ads is important. To see how much the change affects conversion rates, a copy of the sponsored posts, images associated with them, call-to-action buttons—all of these can be tweaked. Facebook data scientists released an open-source collection of tools for online experiments in April. It includes A/B testing and this set of tools, called PlanOut, helps managing sets of experiments with multiple factors, and tie outcomes to different conditions.

  • Facebook Messenger Payments

This social networking site doesn’t want its users to go outside of their network for anything. Yes, even the transfer payments. Now, some users can start transferring payments to Facebook friends over Messenger that too at zero cost! All you is needed to be done is to enter your debit account information into the system, then tap the ‘$’ symbol and type in the amount you want to transfer, and as you would with a message, hit Send!

For brands, peer-to-peer payment options present a huge e-commerce opportunity down the road. Facebook developers have also insinuated about a prospect of buying products and also communicating with customer service representatives without leaving the News Feed in future. While the payment feature is still in the testing stages, brands can adjust their Facebook strategy for maximum engagement: whether this means assigning team members to respond to comments and private messages sent over the network, or setting up a forum-style app for the Facebook Page to encourage an exchange of ideas and real-time troubleshooting.


  • New Facebook Video Features

Facebook has really given YouTube a run for its money with the commencement of native video on the network. Previously YouTube was utilized by the content creators as their primary platform to realize their social video marketing strategy. But now they can now create, embed and promote their videos on Facebook as well.

  • Embed Facebook Videos to Third-Party Sites

Facebook latterly promulgated that videos from the network can also be embedded externally. This is a smart move on this social networking site’s part as it encourages new and more creators to host content on the network and cutting out the middle man that was YouTube or Vimeo.

  • Create Video Playlists on Facebook

The ability to create video playlists feature is now available for brands on Facebook. If someone’s social video strategy includes a different kind of videos such as tutorials, news updates, etc., cataloging them by type can help to propagate the users’ awareness. Grouping videos by playlists enables users to explore the kind of content they are looking for; additionally, possessing a list of related content encourages users to keep watching one’s videos.


  • Feature Videos on Your Brand’s Facebook Page

If a brand is launching a social media campaign that includes a video element, by placing them on the ‘Featured’ spot Facebook allows them to highlight particular uploads. That is the very first video that visitors see when they visit the Video tab on the brand’s Facebook Page.




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