10 Remarketing Tips That Will Supercharge Your PPC Strategy

Advertisers today understand the power of online marketing. One of the most efficient methods of marketing is remarketing or retargeting, which refers to an intelligent way of connecting with visitors who do not make an enquiry on their first visit. Adopting the remarketing strategy means positioning targeted ads to the audience who have previously visited the website. People who do remarketing in a wrong way or consider remarketing less effective way have a very poor understanding about its powers. Platforms that offer remarketing include Google Adwords, Adroll, Perfect Audience, Bing ads, Facebook and many other 2nd tier ad platforms.

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10 remarketing Tips to Supercharge your Paid Search Marketing:

Remarketing Conversion Rate will Increase With Time

Some online marketers primarily focus on frequency capping guidelines and membership duration for their respective websites. They believe that it is done to avoid offending potential customers. However, in remarketing there is no consideration for frequency capping. Advertisers who favor remarketing see the conversion rates increase when consumers read ads within a remarketing ad campaign. No doubt, it’s true that clicks through rates come down over time. People who click on your ad after watching it a couple of times are more prone to purchasing it. Remarketing gives customers a gentle reminder to complete what they start on your website. Moreover, it also reinforces the brand message every time when they look at your ad. Remarketing provides customers with an opportunity to know your brand in a better way and slowly start trusting you. When they finally feel a strong desire for the products and services, they would be inclined to do business with you.


Overblowing of the Ad Fatigue Aspect

Advertisers who are against remarketing strategy mention the creep factor that relate to Ad fatigue. This theory is false. It’s true that a customer tends to ignore your ads if they do not like them. Ad fatigue refers to human behavior which states that more a person looks at the ad; the lesser is the chance of clicking that ad. People get tired of repeatedly seeing the ad. Ad fatigue also grows at a faster rate in case people get annoyed with your ad. Be creative with your ads and not too heavy on the sales pitch.

Remarketing is Cheaper

Search Ads are expensive and can drive up your paid search costs. Some keywords can cost you over $50 per click. Social marketing and display ads may cost you 100 times less. They are very cost effective and offer high conversion rates usually over 10%

Not Limited to Social Marketing and Display Ads

Remarketing ads are not limited to display or social marketing ads. They can be combined with user context like location, device and browsing history that make a powerful combination. Remarketing ad campaign on an average have two times higher conversion rates than consistent regular ad campaigns.

Remarketing on Social Platforms Make it Powerful

Remarketing focuses on people who visit your website. It does not make sense to mark every visitor and assume that he is interested in your services and products. The basic fact is that just 2-4 per cent of remarketing pool gets converted into actual sales and leads. The word remarketing encourages filtering of remarketing cookie pool that is based on social media demographics like events, job titles, interest, purchase history and live. Remarketing is currently supported by Facebook and Twitter. Enable demographic targeting to get a precise audience for your ads.

Display Ads on Par With Search Ads With Regard to Conversion Rates

Search ads offer higher conversion rates but that does not make display remarketing ads less popular. Remarketing ads work well as it considers the past browsing history of a person and makes use of the predictive algorithms for judgments of future commercial activities. Search ads have the maximum conversion rates because of high commercial intent inherent in a person performing a keyword search. Display ads a few years ago were nothing to write about. However, in some industries due to remarketing and other advances in social ad targeting, display ads convert as upright as search ads or even better. Remarketing is doing well due to the past browsing history that is a powerful analytical signal for commerce activities in future. The real fact is that you target the same person searching on Google, but only at a later time.

Remarketing is a Solid Branding Tool

There is no second thought on the fact that remarketing is a powerful branding tool. Organic listings and search ads have a small issue, they do not support limited character space, logos and you certainly cannot build a brand using tiny text ads. Display marketing is a good brand building tool which allows usage of creative magic. Remarketing campaigns also offer several other benefits to PPC campaigns.

Powerful Marketing Tool

Conversion optimization was earlier based on conventional notion of a marketing funnel. However, today you do not have to go to conversions from click. Potential customers can enter at any time and never leave in a remarketing campaign. The ability to create amazing, attractive display ads allows an advertiser to impress customers in a much faster and stronger way. The conventional marketing funnel which is slow in today’s fast paced world is eliminated in the remarketing strategy.

Not Limited to Social and Display

RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads) combine the details of the search query with user context like device, time searched and location. The layers on browsing history make it as a super powerful combination.

Remarketing Makes You Rethink

Remarketing is an essential component for paid search, content marketers and social media. There is no doubt that it can supercharge PPC campaigns and yield results beyond your dreams.


Remarketing is a nice way to connect with visitors to the website who would not make an immediate purchase. It permits you to position targeted ads in front of a defined audience who would have visited you while browsing something else on the internet. The remarketing ads can be delivered in both text and image display formats and are managed by Google AdWords.

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