Why Enterprises Choose Drupal For Website Development

Table of contents:

  • Why choose Drupal?
  • Top companies using Drupal
  • Conclusion

Why Choose Drupal?

Drupal is a free, open-source content management system used to create and manage different kinds of websites including personal, corporate, and ecommerce websites, blogs, forums, portals, and much more.

Drupal Stats 2020
  • Out of 1.3 billion websites on the Internet, Drupal accounted for 560,000 live, active Drupal sites (websitebuilder)
  • Around 46,350 Drupal modules can be downloaded for free (Drupal)
  • Drupal sites make up 3,24% of the top 1 million websites (BuiltWith)
  • The official Drupal website has over 1.3 million registered users (Agiledrop)
  • Over 600,000 Drupal websites are active (BuiltWith)

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using Drupal CMS:

1. Flexible Content Architecture

The flexible content architecture is one of the major strengths of Drupal. It offers essential tools for content creation and publishing which can be used to create completely novel kinds of content including landing pages, blog entries, surveys, and polls. It gives full control over the position and display of the content.

Multiple users with various roles and permission sets can be handled by Drupal. It also allows administrators to control access to tasks.

2. Super Scalable

Some of the world’s highest traffic sites like Emmy’s and eBay are supported by Drupal. It has the capacity of managing both traffic spikes and frequent streams of high volume traffic.

3. Seamless Integration Capabilities

Drupal is highly flexible and provides an extensible framework that integrates seamlessly with other solutions and services. It allows organizations to execute the functionality in the most suitable technology or platform, and then connect to it using web services or other means.

This third-party integration feature of Drupal can consume existing services thus reducing the level of architectural change that is required to set up new services. Drupal also integrates with services that are not revealed to the public such as CRM, accounting software, etc. which makes it ideal for Government websites.

4. Highly Secure CMS

Businesses are concerned about security and Drupal is a secure CMS and application framework that deals well with serious vulnerabilities.

Releases and security issues are reviewed by a dedicated security team having dozens of experts from around the world. Security issues are fixed by the team and advisories are published explaining vulnerabilities with the steps to reduce them.

5. Highly Extendable

The platform can be taken beyond its core capability by configuring and adding the appropriate modules. Little programming skills are required to create incredible sites using numerous modules in Drupal. Drupal allows you to custom build it in case it doesn’t support your business’s particular requirements.

6. Vibrant User Community Support

The Drupal community has more than 3000 active developers who are continuously involved in coding, building, and testing. With every release, the support that Drupal provides keeps increasing. There are numerous online forums offering information on Drupal technology and San Diego digital marketing services can consider using some of the forums.

7. Simple Approach To Building And Customizing A Website

The time that is spent in understanding the complexities of web development can be used to work on marketing activities. Drupal websites can be easily created and customized as per requirements. The drupal solution is going to be cost-effective in comparison to other options. Developers can work faster as the processes are easy while the Drupal community takes care of the critical features.

8. Modules And Themes Built Specifically For Enterprises

Some requirements differentiate enterprise solutions from each other but this is just the beginning. An exclusive representation of the final result is created depending on your personal requirements and business needs.

Below are some of the examples of how necessary functionalities are provided by Drupal:

  • A set of tools for ecommerce platforms known as Commerce Kickstart
  • Media and publishing businesses can use a list of modules known as Thunder
  • Open Social that helps to develop social communities
  • A part of Open Enterprise known as Enterprise Forum that can be installed separately and is used to implement a forum on the website.

9. Easy Administration

A high-quality CMS should allow a user to change content and customize the features easily. You will be completely in control and manage a website built using Drupal, regardless of the size.
More managers should work within one admin panel if the size of the platform is bigger. Managers need to have access to a certain part of the website based on their role and you can also create new roles by yourself.

10. SEO Friendly

The online visibility of your website will be enhanced by the advanced SEO modules provided by Drupal. Actually, they work as catalysts to assist the visibility of your website content on top ranks in searches. Also, developers don’t have to spend much time working on URL’s.

11. Evolving Constantly To Enrich User Experiences

Your Drupal CMS must be updated considering the frequent news about data breaches and hacking. Hackers use codes that are available online to exploit known vulnerabilities and target Content Management Systems.

Since outdated versions are usually soft targets of cyber attacks as they take advantage of the vulnerabilities of websites. To deal with this issue, new releases that fix critical vulnerabilities are issued by the Drupal community.

Drupal 1 1024x267

Top Companies Using Drupal:

The following are some of the top companies that use Drupal:

  • Lonely Planet: Lonely Planet is a renowned travel guide book publisher providing resources for travelers including guide books, web content, mobile apps, and a vibrant online community. Lonely Planet’s team tried Drupal 8 migration best practices which helped them to work efficiently and streamline the process.
  • George Washington University: George Washington University required a digital experience platform that provided both site reliability and operational efficiency to continue the premium service expected by its community. So Acquia helped the university to migrate its existing Drupal codebase from on-premise servers to Acquia Site Factory.
  • University of Oxford: Broad functionality is important in this fast-paced environment and Oxford University’s website is an example of the ability of Drupal to host numerous sites and tasks while allowing every department to have control of its own web presence.
  • Warner Media: Warner Media uses Drupal to create and manage web and mobile sites for over 300 music artists. Warner serves millions of visitors annually, promotes news, music releases, and more.
  • Johnson & Johnson: Johnson & Johnson uses Drupal due to the flexibility that it provides while building site factories and making configuration by the client team easier. The drupal-based multisite platform enables its portfolio of global brand websites to develop and evolve as the digital world evolves.
  • Baker Electric: Baker Electric uses Drupal and delivers electrical contracting services across California. With its redesign Drupal corporate platform, Baker Electric is able to provide quality and innovation.


How well the website is set up plays a huge role in the success of the online business. The features and properties explained above make Drupal an ideal choice. Some of the Digital marketing agencies in San Diego can be helpful as far as CMS selection and enterprise ecommerce are concerned.

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