PROS has very refined Media buying strategy that allows us to market products and services of our clients on a targeted website(s) or an ad network.

Media buying can be one of the most successful steps to enhance a business or online presence of your brand. This will boost your chances for ultimate online visibility and user interaction.

PROS Media Buying and Planning Strategy

Our media planning process defines and groups target audiences, models their online behavior and recognizes the full universe of online media properties and placements that can reach them. Our experts then map the various audience traffic groups through conversion paths that result in lead generation, meaningful brand interactions and sales.

If you want to assure that your marketing efforts don’t go in vain on low-quality traffic and wasted time then identifying your target market is essential. Begin by studying the demographics of the variety of sites where you can gain from advertising – considering sex, age, status, and the location of your visitors. In order to meet the interests of potential customers and leads, thorough planning will assist you to adjust your advertisements. Before getting a proper perception of the type of customer they want to target, no professional media buyer would plan of getting started with a bid. If you have a certain product or service that you wish to promote, or you’re simply trying to get an idea into the right social circles, you need to make sure that you’re reaching the audience that is most susceptible to whatever you have to say.
The success of your media buying campaign depends on a great extent upon your planning. Inside the world of ads, it’s often about making sure that you have the right look to grab your audience’s attention. If you are unable to optimize your ad, you can end up missing out on some serious traffic because in today’s time responsive design is essential. This means not simply thinking about how your advertisement will look when it comes up on a desktop screen, but also how it will look when presented on tablets, mobile and other devices.
An essential step in managing your online media buying experts is having a budget that has been decided well before time. According to the cash you have to spend, this will allow you to define the methods that are best suitable to the goals you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re buying media for an agency client or your own company, you should always tackle the budget as though it was your own money as having a budget will help you to decide which option is right for you.
Don’t forget to do some comparison shopping while you’re picking the fitting location for your advertisement to be presented. You’ll be capable to see out which ones offer the most competitive rates for the best advertisement positions after you make a list of similar media outlets.
Just like other things in online marketing, an extensive and great media buying is all about making sure that you trace everything and examine your results. Until you have solid proof to refer, how can you know whether your campaign is actually converting people or not?

Ad buying units include

  • CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) is the measurement that helps to regulate the cost of campaigns per thousand impressions. It serves to define the relative costs of running a campaign on a given web medium and ensures that you are able to calculate the efficiency of separate web properties.
  • CPA (Cost Per Action)is an online advertising pricing model where the advertiser pays for each specified action.
  • CPC (Cost Per Click) is the method to find value out of cost per impressions. Cost of impressions does not identical to a customer clicking on the ad campaign or move onward in the process of interacting with your brand.