PROS video SEO and content marketing services are very effective and will take your business to the next level. We have developed proven online marketing strategies to successfully boost online presences for over 15 years on the Internet. Our SEO and Content Marketing experts will help you in improving the visibility of your website on Google, Bing and other search engines.

We are highly experienced in SEO and content marketing services in San Diego including video SEO on YouTube, Vimeo and other video websites including those with rich snippet Web 2.0 content from Google.

PROS Tips for Video SEO

Make sure that the content in your video is relevant and informational. You should not spend time uselessly to create such videos that possess no link or relevance to your brand or service. Those videos which express step-by-step method or videos demonstrating opinions about topics can be immensely helpful. One should always remember that videos ought to be enjoyable, memorable, concise, and end up making the viewer craving for more.

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Titles that are crisp, catchy and have related keywords of your brand or services get more attention of the potential customers. Keep the title interesting and something that will catch the eye of a user. This can happen when you perform some keyword research to understand the kind of words that might be likely used by your audience while searching. We can help you to get best ideas for attractive titles and engage the audience.
Enhance your video with related key phrases or keywords and avoid the practice of using words or terminology that is complex and for an average person that may not be familiar.

When you are looking to locate your brand or service consider such terms that your target audience might be searching for or go through your keyword research. Using these terms, we can help you in tagging your video. Also be sure to save the video file keeping these terms in mind.

You can enhance the description of your video with associated keywords and insert a keyword-rich description in order to allow search engines to index it and rank it higher. Users mostly look for description before watching your video online.
You can utilize video as a gateway to other content on your site. Upload some of the videos to portals like YouTube and Vimeo, and think of presenting links back to associated content and other relevant videos on your site.
You should also present transcripts of your videos. Good old HTML content is still preferred with search engines.

Your videos should be surrounded with on-page copy that can be indexed by search engines. You ought to deliver the search engines something to index and rank if you want your video to rank favorably and well.

The duration of your videos should be of five minutes or less. People with their busy schedule may not wish to see your video for a long time. Around 1 minute 30 seconds is the average period of time a user spends on a YouTube video.

You can think of breaking up the content into short duration if you have video content that is of long duration. Also to be more appealing to the viewer, you can tag each video accordingly. Multiple videos are also beneficial for optimization efforts and also make for excellent viewing pleasure.

If a video is introduced on your website, generating and submitting an XML Sitemap for that video will make it simple for search engines to find and index your videos; return SERP results that lead people to view the video on your website, rather than YouTube; and enhance the visual presence of your SERP listing.
Submit your video to RSS feeds and syndicate your videos to drive exposure across various online platforms.
Utilize your social networks to the fullest. You can also look through your email contacts and share the link of your video with them. Write on your blogs, and get the word out there. Share your video with everyone, because only then people will get to know about it and if you have content that merits to be shared, it will keep on getting shared thus, turning into an expanding audience, and will generate more publicity and exposure for your brand or service.

Why Video Marketing

Video content can be fantastic for increasing conversions on just about any website. In fact, more brands than ever are using videos on landing pages and on various other pages of their websites to keep visitors engaged and, eventually, convince them to make a purchase. Product videos are perhaps the most common way that retailers increase the conversion rate of their website using video content.

Our video search engine optimization and content marketing experts will help you to create better exposure for your business. You can now easily promote your websites through videos, which will help your businesses to rank on search engines results. Statistics state that a properly optimized video is 53 times likely to rank on Google search engine page number 1 than a website.

Our Video Optimization will surely turn a visitor into a client. A proper Video Optimization means that we will work closely with you and your business team. We will analyze your brand, your competitors, your target audience and your search engine phrases to develop the best Video SEO strategy for you.

Our professional technology team consists of SEO and Content Marketing experts, website designers and video SEO experts. These dedicated professionals will provide you with customized Video SEO and Content Marketing solutions for your business.

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