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Digital commerce opens new opportunities for manufacturers across all industries. Just like B2C eCommerce changed the face of retail, early eCommerce or marketplace management adopters in B2B manufacturing will gain major competitive advantages and win market share.

With PROS, you can build a strategic partnership with experienced in-house strategists and developers who understand the requirements unique to manufacturers and distributors. Using scalable strategies and proven ecommerce Solutions for manufacturers, our team positions clients for success by making it easy for customers to find the products they want and keep them engaged!

PROS is a highly-experienced and leading ecommerce solutions company. We have over 15 years of experience in delivering all types of e-commerce solutions from a simple 10-product store to a global ecommerce brand with several locations, complex integrations, and over 100,000 products. As your trusted e-commerce development Partner. We offer cutting-edge, scalable, optimized, and reliable ecommerce solutions for manufacturers including CPG, subscriptions, apparel, health & beauty, automotive, high-tech etc. We develop, design, manage, support, launch, optimize and help market your e-commerce brand to give you maximum potential.

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Ecommerce Solutions for Manufacturers

Build Your Audience Personas

It's time to get specific: who are your ideal clients? What are their daily routines, goals, and challenges? What are their responsibilities? Understanding your buyer and their motivations is critical for developing content that will be relevant to them and keep you at the forefront of their minds throughout their journey. This is possible by creating target personas. A persona is a semi-fictional depiction of your ideal consumer manufacturer marketing based on market research and genuine data about your existing consumers.

Evaluate and analyze your Digital channels

It is critical to understand where your customers are coming from and how you can optimize the customer experience across all of your digital channels, from your website to external channel partners and emails. Providing a flawless customer experience for any B2B or B2C customer is the key to enhancing your sales pipeline and increasing revenues. Conduct a thorough audit to ensure that your website matches today's consumer expectations. A buyer's initial point of contact with your firm is often your website, and if they have a terrible experience, they will most likely go with a competitor. In fact, 73 percent of B2B buyers polled said their decision to submit RFIs is influenced by your website.

Develop Your Marketing Strategy & Set Clear Goals

The next step is to prepare down your marketing strategy now that you know who you're going after. Make some goals to ensure you're making the most of your time. Instead of just any goals, set SMART goals that are connected with your marketing approach.

Redesigning Your Website

Clean up your website to make it easier to navigate. This is typically a potential customer's first impression of your business, and the cliche "don't judge a book by its cover" is tragically incorrect. Your website constantly judges you and finds you wanting. My vendor verification method (a corporate issue) is lengthy and complex, and I don't waste time on a difficult site.

Create Educational Content for Your Buyers

Your entire inbound marketing strategy is dependent on content. It's how you'll attract customers and convert them into leads. Consider a blog as a marketing tool rather than a sales one. Your first objective is to keep people informed. This will keep you in front of prospects throughout their industrial buyer's journey and, ideally, win them over in the end. Your website's content should be of high quality and clickable. This indicates that your efforts have been rewarded.

Why Choose PROS for Ecommerce Solutions for Manufacturers

Ecommerce solutions for manufacturers

Benefits of Ecommerce Solutions for Manufacturers

Improve Customer Experience

Self-Service Websites Can Help You Automate Your Business Buyers today want to research, purchase, and consume on their own terms, at their own pace, and on any device. They desire eCommerce that is self-service. However, selecting any eCommerce solution, integrating it into your website, and presenting your product catalog online is not as simple in B2B eCommerce for manufacturing enterprises. PROS provides scalable Ecommerce solutions for manufacturers by automating various aspects of inventory and sales.

Increase Sales

Allow your wholesalers and distributors to place orders online. For businesses, digital commerce has numerous advantages. It increases revenue by increasing customer visibility and decreasing overhead expenses by automating manual chores and optimizing supply-chain operations. We recognize, however, that manufacturers collaborate with distributors and retailers to distribute items to end users. This can result in several types of B2B selling, such as running multiple selling channels concurrently, maintaining control throughout the value chain (B2B2C), or engaging in multi-vendor marketplace selling.

Centralize Your Data

From a Single Platform, Manage Multiple Online Experiences. Unlike traditional channels, a B2B eCommerce platform will assist you in leveraging personalization capabilities to provide the best product for customers - complete with prices, product descriptions, and delivery information based on customer preferences. Furthermore, these experiences can remain consistent even when consumers switch between devices and communication channels. Ecommerce solutions for manufacturers can increase conversions, average order values, and repeat purchases by providing consistent omnichannel experiences.

Go D2C Keeping B2B

Go Direct-to-Customer Without Disrupting Your Sales Channels Manufacturers who sell directly to customers benefit from a variety of advantages, including increased margins, improved brand visibility, and access to valuable customer data. However, it is critical that their B2C operations should not jeopardize their established distribution channels.

Ecommerce Solutions for Manufacturers FAQs

Ecommerce solutions for manufacturers allow businesses to integrate their marketing and purchasing websites so that customers, employees, and other users do not have to switch between various platforms; research, purchasing, and management may all take place in one location.

Magento. Since its inception in the e-commerce business in 2008, Magento has been on the edge of providing online retailers with scalability and dependability. It works as an open source e-commerce platform for a variety of online sellers, including manufacturers.

Ecommerce solutions for manufacturers are goods and services that can assist ecommerce enterprises in growing and successfully conducting business on the web. Website building tools, web development software, online website creation platforms, mobile app builders, and ecommerce platforms are all included.

Ecommerce solutions are products and services that can assist ecommerce businesses in growing and successfully conducting business over the internet. It comprises web development software, website builder tools, online website creation platforms, mobile app builders, and ecommerce platforms.

E-distribution is a form of distribution that is solely based on electronic media. It is frequently characterized as the purchase or sale of services or goods through a public network without the need of physical media; typically, this is accomplished by downloading from the Internet to the consumer’s electronic device.

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