Why Video Marketing is Important – 20 Powerful Statistics

Online Video Marketing is an essential part of any business online because online videos are being consumed a lot more than a web page content. For marketers it is important to understand this difference between content marketing  (text/images ) versus video marketing before they plan on engaging with their audience. Here are few statistics to ponder upon that will convince you to incline towards implementing video marketing strategies for your websites, whether it’s to entertain, inform, sell, or for video SEO purposes :

1) 1 Minute Online Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words

The emphasis of having a one minute video is clear from this statistic alone. A single 1 minute video is worth 1.8 million words when you calculate the value of impact it has on your users. Writing 1.8 million words is time consuming and costly when compared to a one minute video that can engage your users more quickly and with minimal cost.

2) 45.4% Watch One Video Per Month

The chances that you lose out with web content marketing are high because the average exposure is low for content. Reading on the web is mere scanning, which is not very popular medium to grasp information online. In comparison to this an online video is phenomenal medium to gain information. Also according to numbers, average users are exposed to 32.2 videos a month. Here you can tap in and successfully increase your online engagement as well.

3) 100 Million Users Watch a Video on Internet Everyday

Internet is filled with videos. YouTube is the #2 most popular sites in the U.S. as of today. Lots of viral videos are shared on social media channels. According to the latest survey, people watch at least one video every day. These videos include comic videos, viral and funny video clips to informative videos regarding the services and products. Consumers watch videos before to get more information about the things they are interested in buying.

4) 90% Shoppers Watch Videos:

Videos convince the users regarding the product and service they like to buy. A great deal of genuine information plus a first-hand review of the product encourages the shoppers to buy the products and services. Thus decision making is easier for them after watching online videos.

5) 75% Executives Watch Work Related Online Videos:

Online videos are also loved by working class executives who learn a lot by watching business videos online. 75% of Forbes executives claim to watch business videos online on a weekly basis. YouTube again dominates here as 50% of executives watch online videos there.

6) More Than 16 Minutes of Video Ads are Seen By Every User in a Month

Online video ads are also consumed by users every month. More than 16 minutes of video ads are seen by every user who watches online videos. This is the impact of online video marketing as it reaches most of the users.

7) 80% Recall Watching a Video

The powerful impact of videos is the best thing about them. Users find them useful because they can recall online videos better than the content they read on the Internet. 80% of the users can easily recall information that they saw in an online video. It is a great statistic for marketers to ponder upon. It will surely convince you to make a video marketing strategy for your brand.

8) 64% Inspire Them to Buy The Product

Watching videos increase the time users spend on the site. Also if they are looking for a product and your video explains it, users are likely to watch it before buying that product. Online videos thus inspire around 64% of the shoppers to buy the product.

9) 40.3% More Inquiry Calls in Real Estate

Videos inspire big real estate buyers too. Real estate listing with online videos receives 403% more inquiry calls from interested buyers. The video ads also add a lot of value by increasing the leads for the businesses.

10) Click Through Rate Increased By 96%

Add a video to your mailer when you run a campaign and see the magic yourself. According to survey, adding a video to the emails increase user click through rate by 96%. More reason to start video marketing – indeed!

Importance of Video Marketing

Infographic Credits: www.videoflot.com 

11) Explainer Videos Increase Click Through Rate By 200%

People like things explained better and this is where marketers spotted an opportunity to increase the click through rate. Explainer videos embedded in emails increased click through rates by 200%. That is pretty amazing when you are targeting new users during early engagement phase.

12) Popular Among 59% Seniors

Senior executives also love watching online videos. They opt for video content over reading text and articles online. 59% senior executives in the U.S. prefer watching online videos before buying a product or learn about something to reading about it.

13) Benefits SEO and Decreases Bounce Rate

Online videos are great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. The videos make the users stay longer on your site and engage them too. The bounce rate significantly decreases when you add an online video on your site about your product and services.

14) Adding Videos to Email Campaigns Reduces Subscription Cancellations By 75%

Companies also experimented with online videos to decrease the number of subscriber opt-outs. This experiment worked really well as adding one video to an email resulted in reducing subscription cancellations by 75%.

15) 51% Leads Increased By Videos:

Marketers were happy to find out that videos also led to increase the number of leads for them. More than 51% increase in conversions happened after adding a video to the campaign.

16) Video Has Only 10 Seconds to Charm:

The difference between a hit and a miss is just ten seconds in case of online videos. If you can keep the users engaged for first 10 seconds you have grabbed their attention.

17) 5 Minutes Viewing Time on Mobile

This is surprising and good at the same time. Online videos on desktop are much less popular than they are on tablets and smartphones. While users on desktops online videos stick to one video for just 2 minutes on iPads this viewing time increases p to 5 minutes. So you are more likely to penetrate and engage users through smaller devices using video marketing.

18) 16% of People Share YouTube Videos Tuesdays

People like and share videos on social channels. Most common platform they watch videos on is YouTube. 16% of people watching online videos like, share and embed YouTube videos on Tuesdays as per latest survey statistics.

19) 15 Seconds Favorable Duration of Viral And Shared Videos

If you look at viral videos on the Internet most of them are 15 seconds or shorter. Large videos are less viral because they have fewer tendencies to engage many users. Videos with duration less than 15 seconds are shared more on social media.

20) ECommerce Impact of Online Videos:

Consumer’s instincts are trigged by online videos. An online advertisement, review and trailer of the product and service impacts eCommerce a lot more than any discounted sale. Therefore users like to watch online videos before buying stuff online.

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