White Label Ecommerce Marketplaces Platform

White Label Ecommerce Marketplaces Platform 2018-06-08T14:37:30+00:00

PROS has developed a white label, fully integrated, and complete end-to-end ecommerce marketplace platform suited to any vertical.

It incorporates multiple sellers (vendors), automated billing between vendors and the website owner, product inventory management, vendor profiles, plus a lot of other features and functions. Grandslam marketplace platform creates additional opportunities, connecting sellers to buyers and eliminating the middleman — creating huge opportunities for growing brands.

Why GrandSlam?

  • Grandslam enables vertical marketplaces (White Label & Portal) in a variety of industries.
  • Search – Leverage our Enterprise Search Technology to improve user experience and conversions.
  • ECommerce – Leverage our eCommerce technology expertise & online marketing.
  • Suppliers – We have relationships with leading suppliers for almost any vertical marketplace, B2C or B2B.

Vertical Marketplaces

New marketplace platforms are creating additional opportunities, connecting sellers to buyers and eliminating the middleman — creating huge opportunities for millions of smaller brands.

Success stories include:

Fab – Designers’ marketplace
Fiverr – The world’s largest marketplace for services

New opportunities targeting local users in a region are exploding:

AirBnB – Vacation rentals directly between buyers & sellers
Lyft – Car ride service

Mobile Marketplaces: Successful marketplaces on mobile platforms are disrupting traditional commerce & providing addictive, anywhere–anytime accessibility.

OpenTable – Connects restaurants to customers
Uber – Car ride service
Sold – Sells your stuff for you, also pricing and shipping it for you

People building communities and getting advice from friends & social media connections forms a powerful marketing channel for small to large brands. Connecting nonprofits and celebrities to marketplaces can boost their fan bases tremendously.

Shoedazzle – Online personalized styling and retail service
Beachmint – Sells jewelry, clothes, shoes and beauty supplies online with celebrities

Marketplaces grow their inventory rapidly by crowdsourcing items and creating demand by focusing on complementary products & services. Examples include ETSY and Poshmark.

Poshmark – Connects buyers and sellers of fashion
Kickstarter – Connects startups and projects with potential investors