What is Enterprise Search? Definition And Examples

Enterprise search

What is Enterprise Search? Definition And Examples

Table of Contents

  • What is an Enterprise Search Platform?
  • Why is Enterprise Search Important?
  • Who is Involved in Enterprise Search?
  • How do Enterprise Search and Traditional SEO Differ?
  • How is Enterprise Search Like Traditional SEO?
  • Conclusion

There are many ways to deal with digital marketing at the enterprise level, and sometimes there is some confusion about what an enterprise means.

  • Is it a big company or some other company?
  • Is this a network of many websites?
  • Is it a global brand or some other complex website?
  • Is this a network of many websites?

Enterprise marketing can be applied to all methods. So we are going to understand the importance of digital marketing at the enterprise level.

Enterprise search

Key Statistics of Enterprise Search

  • 83% of enterprise executives say they have pursued big data projects to gain a competitive advantage
  • More than 150 zettabytes (150 trillion gigabytes) of data will need analysis by 2025?
  • 50% of all searches will be voice searches
  • Mobile voice-related searches are 3x more likely to be based than text

What is an Enterprise Search Platform?

Enterprise search is a search method that helps users search for data from one or more databases in a single query.

But, for digital marketers, search, in any format, can be found online from anywhere within the company, database, document management system, complex website, or site network.

Enterprise is a technical issue, hundreds or thousands of sites, web pages and products, scale challenges in the workflow, stakeholders, and much more.

And it depends on the needs of the organization that can cover web development, SEO, content, link building, review management.

Why is Enterprise Search Important?

A comprehensive, enterprise search for specific documents within a large amount of data and distributed data sources by combining relevant information into files.

  • It also helps among competitors, builds authority, and ranks more.
  • It also ensures search insights to keep you informed of new product features and updates, customer service strategies, and loyalty programs.

Without this integrated approach to search, large organizations are exposed to the roadside and more aggressive competitors.

Who is Involved in Enterprise Search?

Internal Enterprise search team may include:

  • Web Developers
  • SEO Analysts
  • Copywriters
  • Digital Marketing/SEO experts

If an organization has the resources to learn, it can often be preferable to manage enterprise search campaigns.

How do Enterprise Search and Traditional SEO Differ?

Enterprise search involves traditional strategies that are more page-oriented than traditional SEO and include them at a higher level:

  • Enterprise SEO is performed for millions of pages.
  • Traditional SEO prefers a website to hundreds of pages.
  • Enterprise SEO focuses on improving more competitive short-term keyword rankings.
  • Traditional SEO focuses on long-tail keywords or short-tail keywords.
  • In enterprise SEO, with thousands of pages to handle, indexing and crawling skills become more complex and a priority.
  • In traditional SEO, smaller websites are usually more shareable and crawl, and they adjust without effort.

Enterprise search can also present issues of global presence and the need to localize content and experience.

How is Enterprise Search Like Traditional SEO?

Despite these differences, the basis of enterprise search remains the same. Content quality with the latest technology, mobile, and UX best practices should be a top priority.


  • Content Reigns Supreme

Content is king in both fields. High quality, authentic, relevant, engaging, content wins rankings, whether you’re optimizing a small website or thousands of pages.


  • On-page Optimization Practices are the Same

The best on-page optimization methods for traditional SEO are the same for the enterprise, such as H1 and another heading optimization, meta title and meta expression optimization, and the use of keywords.


  • Matter of Quality Backlinks

Standard backlinks are important for both traditional and enterprise searches.

Getting backlinks can often be easy for enterprise organizations because of the name, but, the effect of some high-quality backlinks can be more dramatic for a traditional SEO campaign.


  • The User Experience is Always Important

UX plays an important role in both enterprise and traditional search.

Google rewards websites that load the fastest, provide relevant content, and offer that its algorithms understand a standard user experience.


  • Technical Issues Hinder Progress

Technical issues such as mobile compatibility or site slowness are essential for both traditional and enterprise SEO.

But, this can be much more complicated with enterprise SEO, often requiring teams of developers and managers.


The future of enterprise search will also need to be driven by growing awareness of what enterprise search is, what user needs are, what the underlying issues are, but in short what technical solutions are available, challenges and potential benefits.

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