There has been a sudden and steep surge in online shopping for groceries and other products throughout the coronavirus pandemic, and Amazon and Walmart are leading the delivery requirements. A new fast delivery subscription service known as Walmart Plus is recently introduced by Walmart for groceries and other products. It is Walmart’s new members-only subscription service.

It Is A Direct Competitor Of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime has been leading the e-commerce market since its launch back in 2005. Its sales are increasing even more as people began to store more due to the coronavirus pandemic. But now, Amazon Prime has a new competitor – Walmart Plus. Both Walmart Plus and Amazon Prime are subscription delivery services, but they offer different benefits. Walmart Plus is the latest online shopping membership offering subscribers numerous benefits for a monthly or yearly fee.

Which One Is Cheaper, Walmart Plus, Or Amazon Prime?

They have almost the same monthly fee— $12.99 and $12.95 respectively, however, Amazon’s yearly subscription price i.e. $119 is $21 more than Walmart’s yearly subscription price i.e. $98.

Which One Offers Faster Shipping?


Free same-day shipping for specific products with orders $35 and up are provided by both the services. However, Amazon Prime provides free two-hour delivery for eligible products in particular parts. Amazon Prime also provides a weekly delivery day, which is a service not presently being offered to Walmart Plus subscribers.

Do They Offer Free Trials?

Both Walmart and Amazon provide free trials of their service, but Prime provides a 30-day free trial and Walmart Plus has a 15-day free trial.

Which One Has Better Deals?


The services, while certainly competing for customers, provide numerous kind of advantages.

Amazon Prime is famous for its streaming options, including access to channels such as HBO and Starz. Walmart Plus might include entertainment streaming benefits to the service in the future but does not have proposed for the launch.


Amazon provides unique deals with Whole Foods and limited free grocery delivery as far as groceries are concerned, while Walmart Plus provides free unlimited same-day grocery delivery to the subscribers.


Walmart has an app that can be used by the customers for contactless shopping. However, Prime customers do not have any way of contactless shopping yet.

Gas discounts are not provided by Amazon Prime to its customers but Walmart Plus customers get about to $0.05 per gallon savings at several gas stations.

Walmart Plus does not offer anything like Prime Wardrobe which means Prime is the most interesting option for anyone wanting to try on clothing before buying it or access a styling service via their subscription.