Top Six Magento Ecommerce Tips For Boosting Your Business

Magento ecommerce has grown tremendously in popularity. It is used for creating both online stores and portals to sell products or services to customers around the world. If you are planning to start an online business of your own, this platform is a good option for you to choose from. But what are the things that you need to consider when choosing a platform for your online store?

The first consideration that you need to do is whether to use bigcommerce or magento. Both these platforms have their own unique benefits and drawbacks. For example, when it comes to the features, bigcommerce boasts of a bigger catalog where in Magento has less numbers.

On the other hand, there are more robust and secure features in Magento such as the built-in admin panel, professional templates and the well-designed modules. But if you want your online store to have features that are similar to those of bigcommerce, you would have to use one of the following integrations.

  • Payment Integrations – bigcommerce is well known for its strong payment integration capabilities while Magento boasts of equally innovative ones. With the former, you can integrate a number of payment options such as credit cards, PayPal, Google Checkout, internet banking etc. However, with the latter, you cannot enjoy these benefits unless you host it on a Magento site. So, make sure you host it on a secure and reliable server like bigcommerce.
  • Enterprise Edition – with the enterprise edition of magento, you get the most advanced and complete features available in the open source platform. Therefore, if you want your online store to be fully functional and fully customized, using the open source software will be beneficial. However, with the enterprise edition, you have to pay a higher price compared to the standard version. In addition to that, if you plan to use more advanced features in the future, you will have to spend more money.
  • Enterprise Manager – if you run a huge online store, then the Enterprise Manager in Magento would come very handy. It provides complete solutions to help you manage all aspects of running a Magento store, from design planning to full-fledged implementation. With this, you can spend more time focusing on other core tasks, rather than juggling between different tasks related to the development and maintenance of your ecommerce platform. This will further add to the overall total cost of implementation.
  • Partner Program – many business owners are not aware of the Partner Program feature in Magento. This is another reason why many entrepreneurs fail to realize their goals due to lack of time. Partner program helps you to extend the functionality of your ecommerce platform by bringing in external expert resources, which will help you take your business to the next level. However, make sure that you do not sign up for these services just to get partner programs. Instead, assess the requirements of your business, and judge whether it will be able to fit into the budget of the partner. If yes, then opt for the partner program.
  • Headless Commerce – this is probably the most important and popular Magento extension. This extension enables users to create united states of shopping carts with built in search engines and full catalog viewing capabilities. Apart from this, it also offers a wide array of integrations and monitoring features. Most of the Magento developers design Headless Commerce with state of the art specifications. However, before you go in for these upgrades, test the compatibility of your current website with the new Magento Ecommerce platform. You might face compatibility issues, but it is worth the hassle when you know that your website is functioning in a smooth manner on the old platform.
  • Multiple carriers – this is another important feature, which allows your customers to make payment through more than one carrier at once. There are multiple carriers available for in-cart racing, and some of them include Google checkout, PayPal etc. If you have a shopping cart with multiple carriers, then it is recommended that you upgrade to a Magento Enterprise plan so that you can handle multiple payments at once. This will allow your customers to make payment through several platforms and improve your sales.
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