Top SEO Tools for Success of Your Ecommerce Website

Getting your site to the top of the search engine rankings is not an easy task. It takes a lot of planning, consistent work and a really good search engine optimization strategy. To get you going in the right direction with the right earnest, we have for you top SEO tools that should help you achieve a fair amount of success.

Top SEO Tools:

A business website needs to have a solid marketing strategy, notwithstanding the niche of operations. Among others, your importance on SEO needs to be resilient. To get yourself started, you need to check these three questions:

  • What is your knowledge of SEO and can you add to it?
  • What SEO strategies have you used in the past?
  • What are the tools you’d need to use to achieve a decent ranking at the top?

Your answer to these will help you appreciate your strategy and tell you what to expect.

Given below are some of the top SEO tools that would help you achieve success with search engine rankings if you implement them from the very first day:

  1. AuthoritySpy:

Besides the catchy name, the tagline of this tool says it all: “The Most Powerful Software for Finding + Analyzing Influential People & Blogs on the Web!” This tool can lead you to the right path if you are looking to find the top players in your field and possibly connect with them.

AuthoritySpy does a lot of work for you by pulling data from several online sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, AllTop and Klout. The clout of influencer marketing continues and this tool will help you to implement this strategy effectively.

  1. Buzzstream:

You’ll need to understand from the very beginning whether you are trying to develop links to your site and whether you are doing it through outreach. Buzzstream can give you top class service if you are looking to shun organizational issues and communicate better with team members.

The Buzzstream tools for link building are the best as you spend very less time on worksheets and monitoring and it gives you more time on actual link building. Probably no other tool can offer as much as Buzzstream does.

  1. Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

HARO or ‘help a reporter out’ is not a conventional SEO tool and people tend to neglect what exactly it can do.It is free, simple and has a powerful impact in terms of SEO. On sign up and providing basic company info, you start receiving three mails every day through media opportunities.

Being a journalistic tool, you will be given an opportunity to become a ‘source’ to a journalist. If you are fortunate to connect with the journalist, you will provide a quote, answer questions and provide any sundry info required. This is hugely beneficial because:

  • Your name along with that of the company will be recorded in the article and this will help build you a personal as well as a business brand.
  • You would normally get a link back to your site.

These two are golden godsends!

What Industry Experts Are Saying About SEO – An Infographic


Infographic Source: KrishaWeb

  1. Linkody

In spite of spending a lot of time and energy building back links, you would always have a couple of questions hanging around.

  • Which are the sites linking back to yours?
  • Do you by any chance, lose a link at times?

The answers to these questions are tough, more so if you are relying on manual tracking. Fortunately for you, you have Linkody to save your day! It does well to rescue you from time as well as productivity loss. This great tool alerts you whenever you lose or gain a back link. It also gives you data such as date added, Status, URL from and landing page, pertaining to each link.

If it is done correctly, link building is a good method to push your website up the ladder, and with Linkody, you can track every step of yours!

  1. Muck Rack

Back links are not always equal- some are way ahead and these are the ones you want to go after! However, getting back links from top class websites is a difficult task and this is where friendships with journalists come handy. This is where, too, Muck Rack comes in.

With a tag line like “easiest way to find & contact journalists,” Muck Rack helps in getting links from top sites such as The New York Times and Forbes. Muck Rack becomes easy to use and to make friends with journos from across the globe, in almost any industry.

  1. Ontolo

Ontolo has an array of research tools among which the ones for link building are the most sought after. It is a paid tool and you may avoid it at $97 a month!

This tool shows you link opportunities and lets you do the choosing. You could start off by telling Ontolo what type of links you are interested in, especially from blogs. Ontolo searches for and displays a spreadsheet full of results for you to pick from.

Although it doesn’t guarantee you success in link building, it is a right step to take. This tool can be used to find hundreds of partners to link with. From the SEO viewpoint, it is worth the price even if you only get a few links every now and then.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is probably the best tool for SEO and content marketing. If you are looking to succeed in marketing your site, this is the tool you’d want with you. It is difficult to describe how powerful a tool Ahrefs is.

There are two main features to focus on:

Site Explorer: Tis is capable of giving you a comprehensive back link profile of a website. Whether you want to learn more about your own website or find out about your competition, it always helps.

Position Tracker: Ahrefs lets you see the amount of success you are gaining with SEO. You can track keyword rankings with this tool. You can check too, how your site is faring on mobile devices.

  1. All in One SEO Pack

This tool has been a go-to for WordPress users because it is easy to use, efficient and produces excellent results. It figures as the most downloaded plugin of all time. This tool optimizes your site automatically for all major search engines. This plugin can be easily customized to benefit the requirements of your website

  1. Raven Tools

The Raven marketing platform is a suite of wonderful tools that can help with every area of SEO, letting you have all you need in the same place. You can gain benefit from its several tools, which include:

  • SEO Auditor
  • Keyword Rankings
  • Research Central
  • Marketing Reports
  • Social Media

Raven is outstanding for the plain fact that it tells you how you can enhance your website. It shows you a clear picture of what you need to do next.


There is no shortcut to push your website to the top of the rankings in top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!. You need to implement great strategy over a period of time to achieve this.

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