Top SEO Tips for Ecommerce Success in 2017

Online shopping has become more popular now and is improving every single day. Most of the people have drastically shifted their style of shopping from in-store to online. The growing demand of online shopping has made it essential for ecommerce retailers to concentrate on their search engine rankings. As compared to an average business, ecommerce retailers must focus more on search engine optimization (SEO). When you consider the overall marketing strategy, ecommerce SEO should have a paramount importance because your bottom line is directly affected by an increased traffic. When you employ the right SEO tactics, the possibility of increasing your sales increases triple fold!  Mentioned here are some of the important ecommerce SEO tips that you should focus and employ if you want to make your business successful in the year 2017.

Google Analytics / Tracking Solutions

Google Analytics is a tool which you can employ on your website to get considerable information that will help in making effective and right judgments. It not only continuously keeps a check on the users but also sees the people who visit your website and can become the potential customers. It enables you to see precisely everything that people who visit your website are doing, the amount of time they are giving on a particular page, where they click on it and how long they stay on a particular segment. All these inputs are very important as they help in building a user experience (UX) that is not just effective but also optimally suited for the visitors. However, another important reason which makes Google Analytics essential is because it affects your search engine rankings and nowadays search engines have made it a point that users must have the best of experience.

Quality Content

The ranking of your website in search engine rests completely on the quality of content that you have prepared and this fact becomes more evident when you have to use such sort of content that can be found on other websites, too. The product description of the manufacturer is the best example of this. That is why it is highly advised that you should never duplicate the description of products that is written by other manufacturers. When you use content that is original, appropriate, appealing and of good quality, then you are sure to stand out from the competition. You should also make sure that apart from the content, you should also post high quality and appealing videos and photographs/infographics. Ensure your website is rightly optimized for users with right structure, keywords, internal and external links.

Product Reviews and Feedback

Remember that an ecommerce business should always have product reviews and feedback, for in an ecommerce market, they have a very crucial function. The majority of customers first look at the reviews and feedbacks of other customers before deciding whether to buy a particular product or not. If you have good reviews and feedbacks from the customers, then you are sure to be at the top of the search results.

Top SEO Tips for Ecommerce Success in 2017 – An Infographic

Online Marketing Strategy to Promote Products & Services

An efficient and optimally planned marketing strategy is utmost necessary when you have an online business. The promotion also plays an important role in expanding the business. There are various sorts of marketing plans available nowadays, such as blogging or using the social networking sites, to name a few. From these tools, you can not only extend your business but also develop your relations with the customers. Bringing out different seasonal offers, deals, and discounts on your products is another good way to promote your business.

SEO Friendly URL Structure

The URL structure should not just rightly describe your content but also assist you in dodging the duplicate content. You should focus more on having relevant keywords in your URL though it should not be over optimized. Ensure that your page is easy to share on other sites and people can readily recall it while typing in the browser. When your pages don’t trigger spam filters and the visitors are swiftly able to navigate your site, they will surely visit your website again. And most of all, if you get the right keywords in your URL, then you are sure to notice an improvement in the search engine rankings.

Optimize the Keywords

The long-tailed keywords assist you in ranking higher in Google and convert easily. You must use the right kind of content, Meta Tags, Heading Tags and Image Alt Tag. However, it is also important to note that you must not over optimize otherwise you will face a penalty from Google.

Mobile Friendly/Responsive Website Design

The Mobile Friendly/Responsive website has become crucial for any ecommerce business now. People are increasingly using mobile phones to surf the internet, use the social network, media, and to shop. If you want to stay in the race, then you must have a website that is mobile friendly. If you have an app, that’s even better! Also, if you want to go ahead the ecommerce sites, then you must use Mobile SEO for the frequent mobile searches.

Having a Social Environment

You must include a social plugin on your ecommerce website that enables the users to share or like your products through various social media channels. You can include the option of social media login; follow buttons, testimonials, and other links to enhance the user experience. Apart from gaining social proof, you will have greater visibility on social media pages and of course, it will affect the search engine rankings.

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