Top Magento Ecommerce Trends for 2017

Magento is a leading open source and fully integrated ecommerce platform for online shopping websites and mobile apps. It provides powerful and flexible features including excellent user interface, analytics and reporting capabilities, shopping cart, SEO-friendliness, multi-stores and multi-sites functionality and innovative online marketing techniques. Two of its essential editions are Magento Community and Magento Enterprise. The latest version – Magento 2 can help the businesses get the higher ranking, SEO support, better security and bug fixes.Created to render optimal performance and be entirely scalable, Magento presents all the features that are necessary to start an online business.

It has become so prevalent that according to Google Trends, “Magento is the most popular platform in the United States.”

Here are the top Magento trends to keep in mind that will hugely affect your ecommerce sales in 2017:

1. User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX)

Businesses need to focus more on user experience (UX) & user interface (UI) in order to generate more traffic and increase sales. Considering the pace through which ecommerce is developing, the launching speed of an ecommerce website is very important. People tend to visit the online retail websites that take the least time to load and if your website is slow, has confusing navigation or a multi-step checkout process, the customers will never visit your website no matter how reasonable prices you have provided and you may end up facing huge losses.

There are many ways through which businesses can boost the customer shopping experience such as by enhancing interaction among users, speed up Magento store load time, providing an easy checkout process and by nurturing leads with the help of attractive blog posts, news and other elements.

2. Personal Customer Experience Will Dominate

Customer attention and personal experience are dominating the marketplace and it is vital for ecommerce websites if they want to stay in the competition and compete with the leading ecommerce shopping stores. However, drawing the attention of customers is becoming increasingly hard for ecommerce businesses. Businesses can make the most out of big data and analytics in such case. They can connect the relevant data and receive requisite information and deliver information that is advantageous to the customers.

3. Online Purchases From Mobile Will Boom

It is estimated that around 2.8 billion people are using a smartphone today and if businesses do not pay attention to this aspect, they will lose out on a huge customer base. It is important for an ecommerce business to have a responsive website or designing a mobile app in order to target mobile users. It has become essential for businesses to have such an ecommerce store that is responsive for all resolutions and screen sizes and has multi-channel shopping options. Businesses can also provide particular offers and promotions for customers using smartphones and tablets.

4. Social Commerce Will Have Bigger Influence

Ecommerce businesses can integrate Magento extensions to share content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google +, Instagram and Twitter in innovative ways. Social media platforms have become a very important aspect of people’s lives and can have immense influence. That is why social networks present businesses with high opportunities to immediately connect with their potential customers. The usage of these platforms to send public notifications about any sales, discounts and various attractive offers can be very beneficial for the businesses. Furthermore, customers share their views, recommendations, comments and information on social media platforms about the products or services they have used and it can be a big push for your ecommerce business. That is why it will be important to pay more attention to social marketing by having attractive promos offer giveaways, using testimonials, encouraging satisfied customers to write comments for their products and celebrity endorsement.

5. Use Opt-in and Pop-up Offers

One of the ways through which businesses can enhance their conversion rates and sales is by adding opt-in and pop-up offers on their website. Opt-in and pop-up offers are the elements that can help you achieve this goal as you can use them to encourage your customers to sign-up for your newsletter or email list.

A popup is used to provide a sturdy call-to-action that presents information to the customers regarding any imminent sale or the introduction of the latest product so that they become excited to know more about it and provide their email address to the businesses. There are key moments where businesses can show popups such as right before visitors are going to leave your web page. By its help, businesses can obtain the customer email and enhance the sales of your ecommerce store.

Ensure to thoroughly assess all the factors of your opt-in offer. In order to know all the offers that are having the maximum impact, you can also run A/B split test.

6. Security

Security is going to become an important factor and it plays a vital part in defining the sales of an ecommerce store. Customers find it difficult to trust a certain ecommerce store during the time of payments. Many individuals feel nervous while making payments through credit or debit card. If businesses want to gain the trust of the customers and make sure they come back again, they have to present a guarded and secure method of making online payments.

Magento will help you to integrate all the key components mentioned above and much more. So make sure to follow the Magento ecommerce trends this year if you want to achieve your goals and make your business successful.

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