Top 10 Examples of Beautifully Designed E-Commerce Websites

We all know the importance of that very first impression we make on someone. The way you were dressed, how you talked or shook hands, will help form someone’s overall impression of you, all based on the thing they noticed first about you. Same goes for an ecommerce business, a beautiful, creative or unique window of a store is more likely to invite customers in, than a boring one. It’s what they can see about you, and if it doesn’t intrigue them, chances are, they won’t ever buy something in your store.

Well, the rules apply to the virtual world, too. A website is the first contact of a customer and a seller, and it’s crucial that the design of the website depicts your company too. Not only that an aesthetic impression is important when it comes to ecommerce websites, you also need to make sure that the design allows for a customer’s experience to be hassle-free and that all relevant information is easily accessed. You need to see your ecommerce website as a form of communication with the customers, where both visual design and the functionality send a message to customers, and you don’t want that message to be the wrong one. A powerful design can work wonders for you, so have that in mind when you’re thinking about your own ecommerce website.

If you lack inspiration, take a look at the below mentioned top ecommerce website designs who are totally on point with their beautiful, effective design:

  1. adidas ACE 16 by superherocheesecake

This futuristic design perfectly matches the style of the brand and the shoe, leaving powerful impression to visitors of the website, and simultaneously not allowing the futuristic design to impact the simplicity of the orientation around the website.


  1. Parcours Canadaby Locomotive

For a website that specializes in arranging trips to Canada, the most important thing is that the first look on the website makes you feel like you need to experience that voyage. Beautiful pictures of the scenery are the central to the site, and the minimalistic design just further accentuates the natural beauty of Canada.


  1. Draw a better 2016 by Christian MacMillan

This charity website keeps the focus on their powerful message – the sleek, minimalistic design enables their message to be heard loud and clear, without anything to make your mind wander off from it.


  1. Sabé Masson by Colorz

You can’t smell perfumes online. Not yet, at least. But this website makes you feel like you can, with its delicate design and visuals that give off that fragile, smooth vibe. By stimulating our visual senses, it also evokes images we connect with fragrances, leaving no confusion for its customers.


  1. Rudy’s by Colorz

Keeping the focus on your product is a successful technique, but, if you pair that with a design that enables the customers to connect the product with a certain experience and also easily access every information about it, it’s a formula that can’t go wrong.


  1. Wayfair

Wayfair is one of the top ecommerce companies selling home goods and furniture online. This company didn’t get any media attention initially though it achieved a huge success online. Some of the top features of Wayfair ecommerce website include color sorting, Clip Board (drag and drop image feature), gallery features and more.  Clip Board tool allows shoppers to drag and drop images from anywhere on the website into a clipboard bar that appears at the bottom of every page. Its color-sorting technology feature measures the actual pigment content and hue of every product and then automatically sorts products by color.


  1. Chris Niedenthal By Huncwot displays extensive portfolio and amazing work for a legendary photographer – Chris Niedenthal. Chris Niedenthal uses a grid system to display his many years of work. It provides the website with structure, scalability, and a variety of display options in harmony with each other throughout the website.


  1. Shape Christmas By MadeByShape

Shape Christmas is an Interactive Advent Calendar themed around Christmas & Shapes. Every day you can unlock a new illustration from the calendar, with illustrators creating Christmas themed pictures based on a number of different shapes.


  1. BB Dakota eCommerce Platform By BASIC

The new BB Dakota eCommerce platform streamlines the purchase decision process by providing the user with a highly contextualized shopping experience from beginning to end. The site delivers a rich, immersive experience through big imagery, high-quality branded video content, and deeper brand storytelling through collection pages and an online journal. All created on a custom-built WordPress CMS.


  1. Trefecta By Build in Amsterdam

Every part of the Trefecta e-bike is hand built to perfection. This site is highly user-friendly and mobile friendly with amazing product descriptions and payment options.


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