It is true that launching and building an ecommerce business is not easy. What you want to sell, the way you decide to source your products, set up your store and use paid advertising to get visitors to your site are few of the many steps that you have to take to encourage customers to buy items from your business.

  • 52% of companies and agencies that use landing pages also test them to find ways to improve conversions. (Marketingexperiments)
  • Long landing pages can usually generate up to 220% more leads than landing pages with above-the-fold CTAs. (Marketingexperiments)
  • 48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign. (Impactbnd)
  • Businesses with over 40 landing pages generated a whopping 12 times more leads than those with 1-5 landing pages. (

Conversion is one such imperative step that you will need as you develop your business and increase your revenue. Every e-commerce website prioritizes conversions because revenue is an essential metric for all e-commerce stores. You need to optimize the conversion rate for your website.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO): A CRO strategy boosts traffic, leads, and customer signups, hence increase revenue. The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete the desired action.

You need to adopt a CRO strategy if you are not satisfied with your conversion rates. Below are the top 10 conversion rate optimization tips.

Tip 1. Improve Personalization Of The Landing Page

Personalization is the first step in website optimization. Online personalization is critical to the business of marketers. The content and headlines that the visitors of your website see should be those that matter to them as buyers.

Client logos should be personalized as per the industry. New content should be recommended keeping in view the previously read content and search terms.

Tip 2. Add Credibility And Social Proof To The Website

Deploy social proof on your website. It is one of the most powerful conversion mechanisms and can help you to build trust with potential buyers. You can use it to establish credibility and create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among your website visitors.

Once the visitors are on your website, you need to show them the right types of social proof. Show them client testimonials, ratings, reviews, social media praise, positive press coverage and how people are happy with your product or service.

Tip 3. Highlight The Value Proposition

Your value proposition should get should get top billing as it is the most important copy on your website. Value propositions make it clear to the prospects about the advantages they will get in return if they do business with you.

The best locations to share your value proposition are the main headlines on your homepage and key landing pages. Show the gain from purchasing your offering with copy, formatting and website placement that is impossible to miss.

Tip 4. Create A Sense Of Urgency

Make people decide faster by adding a timeframe to a proposition. A buyer will feel an urgency to buy if you offer expiring pricing discounts, limited product availability, or exclusive deals.

A sense of urgency can be created on your website through comparison shopping. Strategically-placed notices of product discounts and special deals can stop buyers from shopping around.

Tip 5. Be Concise With The Messaging

Be clear about the brand messaging on your website. Keep headlines straight to the point to form a visceral impact with your buyer. The message should be simple and powerful so that it resonates with the short attention span of your buyers.

Tip 6. Improve Website Speed

Website conversion will get better on multiple fronts if site speed is improved. It will make buyers stay longer to have a more positive impression of your product or service.

Tip 7. Optimize Above The Fold

The first thing buyers see when they visit your website is above the fold (ATF) area. It forms an essential part of your website to optimize for conversion rate. Use tools like Unbounce, Optimizely, and Google Optimize to A/B test ATF presentation which will help you to optimize your above the fold and improve conversion results over time.

Tip 8. Keep One Conversion Goal Per Page

Information overload and buyer paralysis are the two things that can destroy the conversion rate optimization of your website. Focus your CTAs properly and limit yourself to one conversion goal per page.

Goal conversions can include eBook downloads, webinar registrations, blog subscriptions, newsletter opt-ins, and so forth. It is not necessary that goal conversions have to be purchase decisions or demo requests.

Tip 9. Add A Live Chat Feature To The Website

Adding live chat on your signup form page can increase form conversion rate. It allows the visitors to chat with a company representative about any doubts or queries they had before signing up.

Tip 10. Remove Distractions To Reduce Cart Abandonments

You can effectively remove cart abandonments if you remove distractions. You should use abandoned cart software if you are getting a lot of abandoned carts.


You can’t determine if your web marketing efforts are as effective as they could be. You can get the most from your site and all accompanying platforms with the help of conversion rate optimization strategy.

Your conversions will be higher if you keep a close eye on your audience, understand the various iterations of the marketing funnel and keep several CRO methodologies including product layer analysis and site search analysis in mind. Y

ou can analyze your marketing footprint and test various hypotheses with the help of Google Analytics, Google Data Studios and the like.You can eventually determine if your conversion optimization efforts are as best as they could be through data and testing.

Your CRO strategy will definitely pay off if you put enough effort to understand the above concepts.