Tips to Generate Leads For Your Ecommerce Company

Tips to Generate Leads For Your Ecommerce Company

Lead generation is a crucial factor for ecommerce businesses in order to grow and receive revenue. Although it is important to work towards the enhancement of retention of existing customers, it is essential that you focus on new ones as well.

Stay with us as we have compiled a list of tips that can help customers to reach on your website and generate leads.

1. Search-Engine Optimization

For ecommerce, search engine optimization is one of the most successful and efficient lead-generation methods. Your main attention in SEO should be content marketing. If you have a unique and attractive content, the visibility of your website will get enhanced which, in turn, will bring more traffic to your ecommerce website. After the visitors have arrived on your site, you can encourage them to contact you or join your email list to get periodic updates and news. Great content also helps to establish the trust factor. Customers tend to value your information and trust you.

2. Build Your Email List

As an ecommerce business owner, your attention should be focused on gathering as much email addresses of the visitors as possible. You cannot make this happen by simply displaying a subscription form in the sidebar. You must find ways to encourage the customers to join. You can also provide eBooks or webinars in order to entice the customers with the information they are seeking. You can also tell them about the usage or advantages of your product or send them emails about reminders, sales or discounts.

3. Optimize Your Homepage/Landing Page

The homepage of your ecommerce website is one of the vital pages as people visit it often. It is the best place to make a great first impression. But in order to do that, you need to optimize, organize and make it bereft of the clutter. Also be sure to optimize your landing page to improve the lead generation & conversions. You should focus on navigation so that visitors can easily land up on items they are seeking. It is also helpful to develop opportunities where you can encourage the customers to sign up for your email newsletter. Incorporating many effective calls-to-action can help immensely. You must also focus on the optimization of your checkout process because otherwise people will leave the product in the cart and switch to another website that has an easier checkout process. Also, make your website mobile friendly and flexible to be navigable be it on a computer, tablet or a smartphone.

4. Leverage Word-of-Mouth

It’s often said that word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective form of marketing. The moment a customer refers your business to another person, word starts to spread about your offerings of remarkable product or customer experience.

In order to create a good customer experience, it is important that you deliver the products to the customers quickly, send them acknowledgement emails after shopping or follow up by a phone call to ensure the delivery. However, it is essential for you to find other ways as well. You can provide them with great discounts if they refer your website to their peers or colleagues.

5. Make Sure Your Website has a Blog

Having a blog can help you a lot in enhancing engagement and traffic on your ecommerce website. The rankings of your website rest a lot on your SEO friendly blog posts. It is also possible to share and promote the blog posts through various social media channels. You can share the link of your post on Facebook or Twitter and other social media sites. Ensure that you have fresh and unique content. You can also invite guest-bloggers who can write for you and also promote your business.

6. Maximize Results With Pay-Per-Click Advertising and Social Media

Social media has become a very powerful tool and you can harness its potential to generate leads by using pay-per-click advertising and social media ads.

The ranking of your website is crucial in today’s ecommerce industry. With the help of PPC ads, you can get higher visibility in search engine results thereby more traffic. You can also boost your posts with the help of social media ads. It will assist you in receiving visibility among customers. However, apart from promotions and ads, you can use social media to distribute your content.

Make sure to keep the above-mentioned strategies in mind as they will help you to generate more leads.


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