The Ultimate Guide To B2B Marketing Strategy Framework 2021

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  • What is B2B Marketing
  • B2B Marketing Strategies
  • Conclusion

What is B2B Marketing

B2B marketing is also called business-to-business marketing. When a company sells products to other businesses, companies, and organizations, they are considered B2B businesses. The marketing strategies and practices required to sell to other companies are called “B2B marketing”. PROS is Digital Marketing Shopify Agency in San Diego. 

Key Statistics of B2B Marketing

  • 78% of B2Bs use lead conversions as a performance metric (CMI)

  • The majority (89%) of B2B researchers gather information about potential purchases through the internet (Google)

  • 95% of B2B marketers utilize social media content in some form, making it the most widely-used content type (Content Marketing Institute)

  • 4 in 5 B2B leads from social media come through LinkedIn (LinkedIn)

  • 59% of B2B marketers say their top revenue channel is email (Emma)

B2B Marketing Strategies Include:


  1. Account-Based Marketing (ABM)
  2. Create Personas of your target customers
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Marketing Automation
  6. Online Advertising
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Testimonials
  9. SEO
  10. YouTube Video Marketing

1. Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a method that focuses on B2B marketing, in which marketing and sales teams work together to target the most suitable accounts and turn them into customers by using marketing automation and building relationships with decision-makers.

  • The implementation of the ABM strategy can help increase the return on marketing investment, drive attribution revenue, generate more conversions and qualified potential customers, and align sales and marketing
  • Generally speaking, B2B marketers tend to target potential customers more widely to attract more companies

With today’s continuously improving new technologies, it is now easier and more economical to extend ABM to various organizations, and all marketers implement ABM strategies within their teams to drive higher-value results.

2. Create personas of your target customers

Persona is a marketing code for “knowing your audience”. When you truly understand your audience, you can create personalized content that will lead to positive results.

  • The B2B buyer persona represents your ideal customer decision-maker
  • When developing your buyer persona, address all the issues and aspects that may affect how, when, and why you buy
  • These factors include demographic information, behavior patterns, motivations, and goals

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is becoming one of the best ways to showcase professional knowledge and educational content including webinars, white papers, original research and blogs, and many other forms of information on the company website and other relevant publications.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for directly connecting with your audience on a one-to-one basis. By engaging potential leads, you can turn them into customers. For marketers, building a strong email list is very important.

  • Email marketing is a time-tested and authentic method that can reach both individual consumers and corporate customers
  • 83% of B2B companies use email newsletters as part of their content marketing plans, and 40% of B2B marketers say these newsletters are critical to their content marketing success
  • Did you know that 93% of B2B marketers use email? Are you one of them? You should

5. Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is the use of SaaS platforms to automate marketing activities including Hubspot, Pardot, Marketo, Salesforce and Mailchimp, and many more.

Many marketing departments automate repetitive tasks, such as email marketing, social media publishing, and even advertising campaigns—not just for efficiency, but they can provide customers with a more personalized experience.

  • Marketing automation can help you identify potential customers, automate the process of cultivating potential customers, and prepare for sales
  • It automates operations so that potential customers can directly contact the sales team to complete sales and establish ongoing relationships, and the information it collects can drive you to choose a marketing strategy

6. Online Advertising

  • Grow your customer base by using a variety of online advertising platforms including Google, Linkedin, youtube, retargeting/remarketing platforms, and many others.

7. Social Media Marketing

  • Social media is a good place to gain third-party recognition and to strengthen and expand your brand.
  • LinkedIn is known as one of the fastest-growing social media networks and a powerful platform for B2B marketing. It has effectively established a solid professional network that all business professionals can connect to and has become an inevitable part of digital marketing.
  • For B2B marketing, LinkedIn is one of the most important social media networks to expand your connections and engage your target audience.
  • Like any social media platform, LinkedIn provides opportunities for you and your business to build brand awareness, connect with your audience, build meaningful connections, and promote your products and services.

8. Testimonials

Testimonials are important for building trust with your potential customers. By getting from your existing customers that showcase your product and services can be one of the best ways to convert leads into potential customers.


9. SEO

  • One of the biggest sources of traffic in the world is google organic
  • To increase your traffic, you have to optimize your website for search engines including Google, Bing, to attract more visitors that can turn into potential customers
  • 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search
  • 60% of marketers say that inbound (SEO, blog content, etc) is their highest quality source of leads.

10. YouTube Video Marketing

  • Video marketing is the fastest form of content growing on the internet and this is one of the fastest-growing video marketing platforms
  • With More than 1 billion users worldwide, YouTube is the second largest search engine. In fact, according to a Google consumer survey, “67% of millennials agree that they can find any video they want to learn on YouTube.”

Some of the ways B2B companies can market on YouTube:

  • Create engaging vlogs and post regularly
  • Upload product demos and trade show videos
  • Brand storytelling
  • Complete your marketing with video ads.


Use these techniques and strategies to understand your B2B audience, refine your buyer persona, and effectively use B2B marketing strategies to attract them. When you focus on your audience, your marketing will do the same.

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