The Future of Mobile Marketing

With the development and advancement in the field of information and technology, marketers have found a new way to reach its customers, and that is through mobile phones. Mobiles have become an integral part of our daily life; most of our work is getting accomplished through the smartphones. Emails, short messaging services, apps, camera, social networking, cab booking, all these services have become extremely simple with the advancement of smartphone technology and widespread use, especially among milineals. Mobile has become a vital part of a larger group of the population; it is for this reason that advertisers feel that successful mobile marketing strategy should be in place to reach the target audience.

The recent trends suggest that the number of people using desktop computers has become less compared to mobile phone users. Mobile marketing is, therefore, gaining a lot of pace and new innovations in terms of ad formats, styles, websites, customized advertisements and numerous mobile apps are being built to attract customers. The statistics also suggest that a normal individual is spending more than 40% of internet time through their handheld devices, which broadens the horizon and the future of mobile marketing.

The Role of Mobile in the Digital World:

With mobile surpassing the importance of desktop, marketers have become extra conscious to optimize the mobile user experience. On an average a person is spending more than 80% of his handheld time, in using various apps, especially gaming apps, it has become very integral to have focus targeting. The probability of a person buying from a particular website through tablets and smartphones was also seen to rise considerably in the past years. So, what will be the future course of action from marketers to earn good profits through mobile marketing, and how successful will be their strategy, is a thing to take note of.

Future of Mobile Marketing – An Infographic


Typifying the Swing:

There is no denying the fact that the future of mobile marketing is very bright. With the introduction of advertising through the popular photo-sharing app “Instagram”, advertisers can reach a huge audience by creating posts that have visual appeal and rich content. With the introduction of popular payment apps like Google wallet, Loop pay one can conclude that these apps will have greater acceptance by people in the times to come and brands will collaborate with these apps for reaching customers. The Forrester report, also suggests that in America, mobile payments are predicted to reach $142 billion in the years to come. The low cost of smartphones, has been very operational in creating the popularity of brands, for now, people from all classes can afford smartphones.

The marketers previously used to focus on video ads, streaming through desktops, but now they are facing the crisis to condense the advertisement in small formats having the same look as the counterpart desktop. As the focus shifts, it has become vital for marketers to grab eyeballs and create conversions through mobile video ads. The native advertising format, which is designed to match any content on a website in a hidden manner, is also expected to generate revenues when used for the mobiles. Native advertising is being considered integral also because it has the ability to bypass the ad blocking software’s and reach the desired audience. When we talk about mobiles, it is very important to note that the content of the advertisement matters a lot these days. One cannot stick on a particular design or format to extend to its customers in all mediums.

The need of the hour is customization. The content has to be designed and presented based on the size of the screen of the user. In the following times, the companies are also preparing to have their own mobile apps so that customers can buy specifically through these apps sparing the trouble of navigating the whole website for products and services. These apps would be more appealing and user-friendly which will enhance the experience and targeting will also become easy. Since brands have started using analytics to find their target audience and their interests, it has become very important that brands create customized campaigns based on customer interests. A brand which cares for its customers is appreciated and accepted well by the consumers.

The experiment that Audi and NBC have conducted, to acknowledge the response of vertical ads on mobile,has also proved to be helpful, as more and more audience, use their mobiles vertically and the visual appeal from a video ad streamlined in the longer form is concluded to be more comfortable. Programmatic ads gained a lot of popularity recently, for it automated the process of buying and selling of mobile ads. Brands are gradually opting the programmatic way to deal with their ads. Based on eMarketer reports on programmatic digital ad spending, the U.S. will be touching the $9.3 billion mark, which clearly defines its impact.

Reaping Profits Through Digitization:

Since mobile marketing has become the focal point for brands to attract customers, we can surely look for some successful innovations and development in the field of mobile marketing. The apps which we keep on using will innovate and re-invent to provide optimum customer experience. The gap is also getting reduced, between an app, social networking sites, and ecommerce platform. The collaboration taking place between them will lead to the possibility of an increase in buying with enhanced browsing experience. The popularity of mobile automation systems is also expected to be on the rise, with the success of Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, one can predict that the marketers will try exploring the systems more deeply to reach audiences. The Search Engine Optimization is also very critical, for an effective mobile campaign. So, when people search for a particular product on a handheld device, the brand should have a good ranking to appear on the priority list of search engines for greater visibility and reach. Ultimately, what matters is personalized touch in every campaign which can enhance people’s expectations and lead to higher revenue generation.


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