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PageFly is the tool you use to create new custom pages and sections for your theme. With our drag-and-drop builder, you can instantly adjust your store to any sales strategy. Whether you start with our template or design a page from scratch using our element library, you will have complete control over how the page appears, works, and performs.

There are hundreds of other app entrepreneurs who are using Shopify PageFly integration Services to grow their businesses. PROS is striving to reach as many merchants as possible by providing hassle-free support to integrate any Shopify App, eliminating the need for you to battle on your own.

If you need assistance configuring the PageFly Advanced Page Builder for your Shopify store, our Shopify specialists are right here to help you get set up for success in no time. To go beyond the basics of Shopify and make your site into a well-oiled machine for your business, our team of Shopify specialists can also design bespoke apps or set up existing apps for you.

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PROS Shopify PageFly Integration Services

Shipment Visibility

To assist business owners in resolving these issues and boosting visibility, engagement, and conversions, PROS Embed was created for PageFly websites. All order statuses are easily tracked in one location. Easily locate shipments by delivery status, carrier, client email, and other criteria.

Real-time Insights

Monitor your website performance in real-time and make sure you're always up-to-date. Our intuitive dashboard lets you easily identify problem pages, so you can take the necessary steps to optimize page loading time.

Support & Expertise

Our team of experts is available 24/7 to provide you with the insight and guidance needed to keep your website running at its best. Get up-to-date analytics and reporting on the performance of your website and make sure you're giving customers what they need.

A/B Testing

A/B testing allows you to truly listen to your audience by collecting data on the changes in conversion rate, cart abandonment, average order value (AOV), revenue, and profit.

Integration With Shopify Theme

As a theme developer, you can customize themes for Shopify Pagefly merchants. This can range from a small modification to a complete redesign. Our Shopify experts can offer theme customization services through top Shopify experts.

App Integrations

The platform allows simple app integration and features remarkable customization capabilities. As a result, the retailer can easily add new features and functionalities to his store, increasing its worth greatly.

Why Choose PROS for Shopify PageFly Integration

Shopify PageFly Integration Services


The Shopify store can be integrated with the PageFly Shopify Integration agency services provider courtesy of the experience and certification of our team of developers.


We, as a professional Shopify PageFly integration services agency, ensure the security of your website. There will be no more data loss or hacker attacks to worry about.


All features can be expanded to bring the best performance to your site.

Flexible pricing

Stop worrying about the budget because we have different packages that suit your requirements.

Regular updates

We provide frequent updates and technical support for all extensions developed by PROS

Dedicated support

PROS is a dedicated Shopify PageFly integration services company that offers you 24*7 support to ensure the best performance out of your store.

Benefits of PROS Shopify PageFly Integration

Real-time insights

Monitor your website performance in real-time and make sure you're always up-to-date. Our intuitive dashboard lets you easily identify problem pages, so you can take the necessary steps to optimize page loading time.

Send Alerts From Key Metrics

Get personalized alerts from key metrics when your website performance drops. Receive notifications whenever there is an issue with your website and take the necessary steps to fix it.

Detailed Reports

Gain insights into website performance with detailed reports and analytics from our team of experts. Analyze page loading time, user engagement, and other key metrics to ensure your website is running at its best.

Historical Data Graphs

Get a better understanding of your website performance with our historical data graphs. Visualize your data over time and make sure you're staying up to date with the latest trends.

Email Alerts

Receive email alerts from key metrics that are essential for website performance. These notifications can help you identify any potential problems before they become an issue.

Boost Store Appearance

Shopify PageFly integration services App provides vibrant, sparkling, and captivating feeds to boost the appearance of your Shopify store.

Related Shopify Services

Apart from Shopify PageFly Integration services, PROS offers a wide range of Shopify development services that include:

Shopify Store Setup & Configuration

Partner with PROS to get started with Shopify store setup and configuration in a quick turnaround time. PROS Shopify development company offers custom Shopify development services include image uploads, chatbots, etc.

Shopify Migration

As a reliable Shopify development company, our seamless, reliable and fast Shopify migration services help businesses of all sizes, migrate to Shopify and Shopify Plus from Magento, WooCommerce, etc. Also, we migrate product variants and attributes, order data, customer data, and others.

Conversion Optimization CRO

PROS conversion rate optimization website experts will develop an effective strategy for your business to impact the visitors of your website or a landing page. Connect and convert your customers through your website or the landing page via sales, sign-ups, memberships, etc.

Shopify Integration

Update your Shopify store’s functionality with our Shopify integration services that include ERP solutions like NetSuite, payment gateways, shipping providers, marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart, Shopify social media integration like Facebook and Instagram.

Shopify Maintenance & Support

PROS Shopify web development company offers Shopify support and maintenance services that includes the upgrade of your Shopify platform to the latest version, bug fixing, performance optimization, etc.

Shopify Plus Development

In addition to Shopify development service, Shopify Plus merchants encounter high traffic and hold an extensive database that requires skilled Shopify Plus developers to manage the development and customization of these ecommerce stores.

Custom Feature Development

PROS Shopify web development company has a team of skilled and experienced custom feature developers. Our Shopify web developers creates custom features and functionalities to enhance performance.

Dawn Theme Customization

Shopify also launched Dawn, a new standard for its storefront theme development, which the company said is 35% faster than its current default theme. Customize Shopify Dawn theme for seamless user experience.

Shopify Design & Development

PROS Shopify development company has a team of professional web designers that deliver features and functionality for user interface and user experience. As a professional web design company, we create ideas, concepts, and designs that align with your company’s needs and goals.

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Shopify PageFly Integration Services FAQs

Pagefly offers a drag-and-drop editor for creating personalized Shopify page builders. The free service is limited to one or two personalized pages. If all you need is a personalized homepage or page, this will do.

One of the most well-liked page builder apps on Shopify is called PageFly. You may make unique pages for your Shopify store with this strong tool. All Shopify page editor users can utilize PageFly for free. However, some functions are only accessible to individuals who pay.

Numerous factors outside of PageFly affect PageSpeed. You can notice that many of the factors that slow down your shop come from other third-party apps and Google fonts when you click on each factor. And PageFly is not the cause of your store’s sluggish loading time.

The most persuasive justification for using landing pages is straightforward: they increase conversion rates by giving visitors a more relevant experience. For illustration, imagine you wish to use Facebook Ads to advertise a Spring sale.

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