Shopify Magic & Sidekick: Tips and Tricks for Advanced Users

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Shopify started as a simple platform to help people sell things online. Imagine having a one-stop shop to set up your online store, take payments, and track customers.

Over time, it grew bigger and smarter. In 2024, Shopify made a big leap. It added over 100 new AI features. These help with creating content, understanding business stuff, and making ads that work better.

So, Shopify has come a long way. It started small but now uses smart AI tools to help people sell all over the world. It’s always finding new ways to be helpful and keep things exciting for everyone who uses it.

Understanding Shopify Magic & Sidekick AI

Benefits of Shopify Magic & Sidekick

What is Shopify Magic?

Shopify Magic is like a smart helper for online stores. It uses AI to do cool things like changing picture backgrounds, writing product descriptions, and helping with emails and chats. It’s built into Shopify and makes running a business easier.

What is Shopify Sidekick AI?

Shopify Sidekick AI is like having a wise friend for your store. It can do tasks like managing inventory, answering customer questions, and giving advice on making your store better. It’s part of Shopify and helps you do things faster and smarter.

Setting Up for Success

Creating a Shopify Account

Create Shopify Account

Excited to unleash the power of AI on your store? Here’s how to get started with Shopify in just a few clicks:

  • Visit to begin your journey toward establishing an online enterprise. 
  • Select “Start free trial” to initiate a 14-day trial period, which does not require a credit card. 
  • Additionally, you may choose a plan that aligns with your budget and needs.
  • Enter your email, password, and desired store name, then click “Create your store.” 
  • Ensure your store name is creative and representative of your brand.
Steps to Select an Online Store
  • Answer Questions: Shopify will ask a few questions about your business. Tell AI Shopify what you sell. Is it clothing, gadgets, or maybe something awesome we’ve never seen before? Answer them or skip if you want. 
  • Add Address: Give your business address. This helps Shopify set up currencies and tax rates.
  • Your store is ready: Welcome to your Shopify dashboard. This is your mission control center.

Integrating Shopify Magic & Sidekick AI

Now that your Shopify account is up and running, it’s time to meet your AI assistants.

  • Go to your Shopify admin. 

  • Click on “Settings.” 

  • Find “Get Help with Magic.” 

  • Click ‘Add app’ for both. Shopify will guide you through the setup.

  • Click “Enable.” 

Sidekick is an additional feature currently in development. While Magic is already available, Sidekick will be introduced in the future. Please stay tuned for updates regarding this upcoming enhancement.

Advanced Tips for Shopify Magic

Transform Product Images

Image Generator

With AI, you can change product photos in seconds—add or remove backgrounds without hassle.

Effortlessly transform your background in an instant. Whether you prefer a white background or a tropical beach, our tools make it possible with ease. Achieve a polished appearance by selecting matching backgrounds and seamlessly remove any unwanted objects.

Write Better Product Descriptions

Product Description Generator

No more staring at a blank page; get unique product stories quickly.

Simply enter a few keywords. Benefit from SEO optimization, as the tool generates descriptions that are highly favored by search engines, thereby attracting more customers. Concentrate on sales, as the tool crafts clear and persuasive descriptions that effectively convert visitors into purchasers.

Generate Text FAQs

FAQs Generator
  • Enhance your customer support by utilizing frequently asked questions (FAQs). 
  • Compile a list of potential customer inquiries and provide clear, concise answers
  • Improve response times by using pre-prepared replies in your Shopify Inbox, giving you a significant advantage in customer communication.
  • Increase your sales by ensuring customer satisfaction, as happy customers are more inclined to make purchases.

Create tailored email copies

Schedule email copies
  • Discover the optimal timing for sending emails. Utilize Shopify’s advanced AI capabilities to determine when your clientele is most receptive to opening and engaging with your messages.
  • Create captivating subject lines. Leverage Shopify’s innovative AI technology to craft attention-grabbing headlines that entice recipients to click and explore further.
  • Compose compelling email content. With Shopify’s intuitive AI assistance, receive recommendations for concise and persuasive messages that effectively convert readers into customers.

Turn Live Chats into Checkouts

Live Chat Feature
  • Access immediate solutions. Shopify Magic facilitates swift and professional responses to customer inquiries.
  • Tailor your responses. Shopify Magic AI recommends personalized replies tailored to each customer’s specific requirements.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction. Prompt and supportive responses contribute to maintaining happy customers who return for future interactions.

Utilize Magic for data storytelling

Shopify Magic Analytics
  • Access easily comprehensible reports.The technology transforms intricate data into straightforward charts and graphs.
  • Comprehend the significance of numerical data.This technology emphasizes essential trends, empowering you to enhance your business decision-making process.
  • Observe your advancements effortlessly. Monitor your achievements over time and commemorate your successes with a quick glance.

Leveraging Shopify Sidekick AI

Expert Advice

Shopify magic providing suggestions

Leverage conditional prompts

  • Direct your inquiries to Sidekick using conditional prompts such as “If sales increase, what impact does this have on…?” to promptly receive insightful responses.
  • Prepare contingencies for various scenarios by experimenting with diverse marketing strategies to gauge their potential impact on your enterprise.

Content Creation

Create blog posts

Are you encountering difficulty determining suitable content for your social media posts or newsletter communications? Shopify AI Sidekick has your back:

  • Just give Sidekick a topic or theme, and they’ll suggest content.
  • Sidekick creates content that perfectly matches your brand’s voice and style.

Automate Tasks

Tired of repetitive tasks? Sidekick Shopify can take care of them:

  • Automate inventory management: Never run out of stock again. Sidekick can reorder supplies automatically.
  • Fulfill orders on autopilot: Sidekick can streamline the order process, saving you time and effort.
  • Provide top-notch customer service: Sidekick can answer basic customer questions, freeing you up for more complex issues.

Performance Insights

Understand performance data of your store

Want to understand your customers even better? Sidekick can connect the dots:

  • Combine data from different sources. Sidekick can work with other tools, like Google Analytics, to give you a complete view of your business.
  • Get a holistic picture. See how everything works together to make your store a success.

Scenario Planning and Forecasting

Scenario Planning
  • Plan for Tomorrow: Ask Sidekick to map out “what-if” situations for your marketing strategies.
  • Predict and Win: Know possible outcomes and choose the best path for your business.


Shopify Magic is a tool that uses AI to help online shops. It can change pictures, write about products, and help with emails and chats. It’s easy to use and helps businesses do better online. With Shopify Magic and Shopify AI Sidekick, shops can look good, talk to customers well, and sell more things. It’s a big help for anyone selling online.

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