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A Shopify app developed by Shopify is called Shop channel. This Shopify app helps in boosting sales by improving your clients’ purchasing confidence. Most of the apps in Shopify’s app store integrate very easily.

On Shopify, there are thousands of other app developers building their companies. We at PROS are working to reach as many merchants as we can by providing hassle-free help to connect any Shopify app, eliminating the need for you to fight the battle alone.

Our Shopify app integration experts are available to assist you with setting up your Shopify Shop channel store for success in no time if you need assistance integrating with Shopify and configuring the Shopify Shop channel app. To go beyond Shopify’s core functionality and make your website a well-oiled machine for your business, our team of Shopify specialists can also build custom applications or set up existing apps for you.

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PROS Shop Channel Shopify App Integration Services

Safe App Installation

PROS provides safe and hassle-free Shopify tracking app services. Our Shopify experts help you in displaying your Instagram feed on your store for enhanced appearance.

Integration with any Shopify theme

Our Shop channel Shopify app integration experts help you integrate the app with your Shopify store no matter what theme is used.

Configurations & Setup

We help you with the setup and configuration so that the page speed is optimized and the app runs without any issues.

Troubleshoot and Bugs Issues

Issues and bugs can crop up anytime. Our experts will help you in fixing the issues and keep the downtime to the bare minimum.

Custom Feature Development

PROS Shopify app integration development company has a team of skilled and experienced custom feature developers. Our Shopify app developers create custom features and functionalities to enhance performance.

Extensive Dedicated Support

Our Shopify app integration experts are available 24*7. We provide extensive customer support after the integration of the Shop channel with your Shopify Store.

Why Choose PROS for Shop Channel Shopify App Integration

Shop Channel Shopify App Integration


Shopify app integration company can be integrated with the services provider courtesy of the experience and certification of our team of developers.


As a professional Shopify app build integration services agency, we ensure your website’s security. The rail marketing will be no more data loss or hacker attacks to worry about.


All features can be expanded to bring the best performance to your site.

Flexible pricing

Stop worrying about the budget because we have different packages that suit your requirements.

Regular updates

We provide frequent updates and technical support for all extensions developed by PROS.

Dedicated support

PROS is a dedicated Shopify support team company that offers you 24*7 services to ensure the best performance out of your store.

Benefits of PROS Shop Channel Shopify App Integration

The Shop channel is your control center for increasing customer lifetime value.

  • Enable features for a better cart-to-home experience.
  • Customize your store and inventory on the Shop app.
  • Create marketing automation and track your performance.
  • Boost customer retention and Shopify revenue on autopilot.

Related Shopify Services

Apart from Shop Channel Shopify App Integration services, PROS offers a wide range of Shopify development services that include:

Shopify Store Setup & Configuration

Partner with PROS to get started with Shopify store setup and configuration in a quick turnaround time. PROS Shopify development company offers custom Shopify development services include image uploads, chatbots, etc.

Shopify Migration

As a reliable Shopify development company, our seamless, reliable and fast Shopify migration services help businesses of all sizes, migrate to Shopify and Shopify Plus from Magento, WooCommerce, etc. Also, we migrate product variants and attributes, order data, customer data, and others.

Conversion Optimization CRO

PROS conversion rate optimization website experts will develop an effective strategy for your business to impact the visitors of your website or a landing page. Connect and convert your customers through your website or the landing page via sales, sign-ups, memberships, etc.

Shopify Integration

Update your Shopify store’s functionality with our Shopify integration services that include ERP solutions like NetSuite, payment gateways, shipping providers, marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart, Shopify social media integration like Facebook and Instagram.

Shopify Maintenance & Support

PROS Shopify web development company offers Shopify support and maintenance services that includes the upgrade of your Shopify platform to the latest version, bug fixing, performance optimization, etc.

Shopify Plus Development

In addition to Shopify development service, Shopify Plus merchants encounter high traffic and hold an extensive database that requires skilled Shopify Plus developers to manage the development and customization of these ecommerce stores.

Custom Feature Development

PROS Shopify web development company has a team of skilled and experienced custom feature developers. Our Shopify web developers creates custom features and functionalities to enhance performance.

Dawn Theme Customization

Shopify also launched Dawn, a new standard for its storefront theme development, which the company said is 35% faster than its current default theme. Customize Shopify Dawn theme for seamless user experience.

Shopify Design & Development

PROS Shopify development company has a team of professional web designers that deliver features and functionality for user interface and user experience. As a professional web design company, we create ideas, concepts, and designs that align with your company’s needs and goals.

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Shop Channel Shopify App Integration FAQs

You may sell your products via many different internet platforms thanks to Shopify. Your Shopify sales channels and apps serve as a representation of the numerous locations where you sell your goods. By connecting each sales channel to Shopify, you can manage your products, orders, and clients all in one place.

No, the Shop App and Shopify are not the same. You can buy goods and services from your mobile device using the Shop App, a mobile application. A platform called Shopify enables you to set up an online business. Shop App, for instance, was created specially for mobile devices.

Wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and the Internet are examples of distribution channels. The manufacturer sells directly to the customer through a direct distribution channel. Indirect channels involve multiple intermediaries before the product ends up in the hands of the consumer.

Although more than 1 million businesses rely on Shopify to power their online stores, the company is also introducing a consumer shopping app today under the name Shop.

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