Sage Mobile Sales

Sage Mobile Sales


Were you overwhelmed by the rapidly changing technology? If your team had access to the latest technology, would your company be more versatile and more functional? The PROS takes you to the 21st century. With more than 20 years of experience, PROS can help you transition seamlessly from old to new.

As technology evolves, more and more businesses are using mobile solutions. What is a mobile solution? We’re glad you asked! With mobile solutions, your sales team (or team) can access customer data 24 hours a day, from anywhere. Help your sales team receive information while you’re on the go by accessing customer records, employee schedules, meeting notes, conversation history, and more from a mobile device.

Increase customer loyalty by giving your sales team the tools they need to create consistency and a great customer experience. With that in mind, Sage CRM has developed a complete mobile solution that enables sales teams to do their jobs effectively. Increase revenue and maintain customer satisfaction by giving employees access to important customer information when they are on the road or off the office.

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Our Range of Sage Mobile Sales Services

Sales Representative

Field sales reps use the PROS catalog order-taking app to receive more and more orders on their mobile devices. They can access product information, pricing and inventory, customer terms, and payment history, whether online or offline while they are with the customer. PROS is a Sage Mobile Sales Company in San Deigo, USA.

Capture on-site orders

Increase order accuracy and turnaround time. Reps have access to the latest product, pricing, and inventory information, and can submit orders on-site, even offline. Get in touch with PROS Digital Marketing Agency for data driven and result oriented solutions.

Sales management

Sales managers can view the team's sales performance as a whole, so they can plan and monitor sales activities. Set and track goals for sales reps, customers, and products. Use dashboards and reports to view best sellers, purchase trends, slow-moving items, and more.

B2B Customers

B2B customers can use the familiar B2C-like shopping cart feature to quickly and easily find the products they want to order through a full-brand B2B e-commerce web store and app, so they can trade with you 24 hours a day.

Task Management

Check out customers who are past their due dates. Assign tasks to reps so they don't miss a customer visit or have them assign tasks themselves. PROS is a Sage Mobile Sales Company in San Deigo, U

Digital Product Catalogue

Reps can share product information and availability via a full-color digital product catalog on their mobile device.

Why Choose Sage Mobile Sales from PROS?

PROS Saga Mobile Sales

PROS is an all-in-one field sales order app that simplifies order submission. Direct integration with ERP enables live ordering and increased revenue.

What features does Sage Mobile Sales Provide?

PROS integrates with Sage to provide field sales staff on-the-go access to the latest product, price, customer, and inventory information stored on Sage via mobile devices. Improve the accuracy of data captured in the field: Sales reps can submit orders to customers on the go or via mobile devices and update customer information in Sage. PROS is a Sage Mobile Sales Company in San Deigo, USA.

Multiple warehouses

Sales reps can check stock levels and place orders through multiple warehouses.

View prices and promotions

Improve service levels. Add tasks and relate them to specific customers.

Increased customer visits

Manage the sales team and ensure that the customer visits regularly.

Offline features

The scripts helps Shopify plus experts to modify prices of the items in your customer’s cart. With Shopify scripts, it is easy to add discounts and special offers on multiple products.

GPS tracking

GPS technology tracks sales rep activity and records activity and customer visits, reducing sales rep management data entry.

Exact price

Sales reps can access data stored in Sage while on the go. Provide access to accurate pricing, product, and inventory information

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Sage Mobile Sales FAQ's

You can use sage Mobile for trade shows with or without an Internet connection.

The Scan to Sage add-in allows you to scan letters, invoices, and other documents and attach them to relevant customer or supplier records in your Sage account.

Use your mobile device to show your customers new products and quickly create orders and quotes at trade shows, whether you’re on the road or offline.

Yes, small businesses are encouraged to purchase accounting software that helps automate finances with features such as cost and payment tracking, invoicing, and remote access. Easy to use and set up, Sage Accounting instantly saves time, improves cash flow, and gets paid faster.

The Scan to Sage add-in allows you to scan letters, invoices, and other documents and attach them to relevant customer or supplier records in your Sage account.

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