PROS – The winner of top construction website design award by Designrush

PROS is an award winning technology and marketing company. PROS has been delivering web and mobile development, design and, digital marketing solutions since 1996.

Designrush Award: Top 13 Best Construction Website Designs

PROS, the agency behind the website, didn’t have to take any liberties to seamlessly transition the company’s customer-centric approach into an online user-centric experience

With a fresh look and feel and a new intuitive design, Baker Electric’s website is designed with you in mind. It is fully optimized for mobile devices, allowing visitors to learn more about the company, whether they’re at the desk or on the move.

The website brings all the Baker offerings together, packing them neatly in one location, making navigation a breeze. The careful choice of visual elements, color palette and background placing reflect a forward-thinking company that is unafraid to boldly step into the future while leveraging the wholesome tradition and experience.

Visually, the website unifies the company’s origin with the sustainable innovation of today. A more robust project gallery including case studies highlights the completed projects and allows users to filter them by service and industry vertical.

Another interesting addition are the Saving calculators (Solar Savings Calculator, Cost of Doing Nothing Calculator) that allow prospective clients to quickly find out, in real-time, just how much they can save by incorporating a renewable energy solution to their business or organization.

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