Why You Need a Magento Website for Your Ecommerce Store

Magento is increasingly becoming the sought after choice in the ecommerce industry due to its incredible features. It is an open source and agile ecommerce platform that assists the businesses to drive innovation, adjust according to the transforming customer buying patterns, enhancing online sales, customize and extend your platform to develop unprecedented branded experiences. Stay with us as we are going to tell you the reasons for having a Magento ecommerce website.

Here are a few reasons that we think you will fall in love with Magento too!

1. Advanced Search Engine Visibility (SEO)

Magento is able to manage meta information, URL rewrites, SEO and XML Sitemap Generation with incredible ease and there is no need to install any kind of SEO extensions. It has been noted that the manifold provisions that are required by products to have a good ranking in search engines of ranking well in the search engines are often not provided by the majority of well-known ecommerce applications. But Magento is not among them.

2. Extensions

Magento Developers have worked incredibly hard to create custom Magento extensions so that the users can easily get any kind of feature, customization or modification according to their requirements. What’s notable is that a large number of extensions provided by Magento are free and users can install them very swiftly.

3. Mobile Friendly Web Store

With the increase in usage of smartphones, mobile ecommerce has also seen a considerable rise. Various surveys show that it is highly possible that customers using a mobile phone to actually click the “Buy Now” as compared to those who are using some other device. Magento builds cross-browser and cross-platform systems at zero expenditure.

4. The Options You Need Today & the Extensibility for Tomorrow

The thousands of extensions provided by Magento makes it one of the most extensible ecommerce platforms in the contemporary market. In case the users are wanting to develop a 100 SKU basic ecommerce offering, but the venture funding is received the next day and a half-million more is required to add, then Magento will be up to the task.

5. There is a Version with No Subscription Fees

Coming as a free version is not the only great thing about Magento Community. It can be used by a huge number of online retailers as it has a highly strong feature set.

6. Multiple Storefront Option

Users are able to enjoy the convenience of managing various storefronts, even on separate domains, from the same administrative panel as Magento provides a centralized database. With this function, Magento saves a huge amount of time of the ecommerce owners and enables them to easily handle sales, communication, publicity and much more.

7. Highly Customizable

When businesses install custom extensions to the Magento framework, they are able to enjoy unlimited customization prospects.

8. Stable Ownership

Magento is a part of the X.Commerce initiative and is entirely owned by eBay. There are various advantages that come with it such as its incredible cohesiveness with PayPal, the important part it plays in the new X.Commerce initiative and its association from a multinational powerhouse as eBay. With such strong and stable support, you are not left with any sort of doubts that otherwise may occur while developing an ecommerce store by using an open source solution.

9. Bundled Payment Integration

To process orders with the help of a variety of processors such as PayPal, Authorize.net and Google, Magento presents integrated tools. By installing a module from the development community, you can also easily incorporate additional payment methods for instance Pay With Amazon and more.

10. Advanced and Customizable Reporting

Prebuilt reporting systems in Magento helps the users to track, aggregate, and export information about products, customer activity, and sales. Apart from this, there is preinstallation of Google Analytics in Magento that enables the users to generate reports on actionable data such as frequent search words, average sales volume, products that are highly popular and cart abandonment.

11. Easy to Install

The installation of Magento is a very easy and simple task. You do not require any expert assistance in installing it.

12. Integrated Database Backups

Magento comes with a fully integrated site and the feature of product catalog export which is used in making sure that if ever there is any development error or need to counter a virus attack, then the critical data will be preserved to handle such a situation.

13. Growing User and Developer Community

The usage of Magento is constantly growing and currently, around 33.8% of the ecommerce websites are using it worldwide.

14. Customizable Transactional Emails

A completely automated and customizable transactional email system is provided by Magento which is used to create and send emails to customers based on already selected dates or events. You can easily customize these emails according to time and your requirements. For instance, ‘Thank You Email’ is one of the highly used transactional emails after the customer finishes the shopping.

15. Security

Security is highly taken care of in Magento as the Enterprise edition has a Secure Payment Bridge that presents the users with the PCI Data Security Standard.

16. External Marketplace Integration

Magento comes with a built-in feature that is set to take care of exporting the products to Google Base. However, a comprehensive collection of custom extensions also exists that presents extensive integration with famous external marketplaces, for instance, Amazon, eBay, Sears Marketplace, and more.

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