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Mobile Technology Trends Businesses Need to Watch - Pros

Mobile Technology Trends Businesses Need to Watch

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Mobile devices are used by consumers in almost every aspect of their daily lives and every business, whether large or small must be able to engage consumers through this medium in a seamless manner. It’s not just creating a mobile app but the whole business ecosystem must be ready to embrace technologies that will shape the future of the Internet. Some of these technology trends to watch out for include:


Infographic by: CISCO

The Internet of Things Revolution: The Internet of Things is connecting people, data, process and things together to make networked connections more valuable and relevant.  According to Belkin’s Chief Marketing Officer Kieran Hannon, “The Internet of Things’ is really accelerating, we want to be at the forefront of this conversation in Washington and be informative to people that want to know more”.

Hannon and Matt Tanielian, co-founder of Franklin Square Group, said they see limitless possibilities for the technology to improve processes in industries beyond where it is currently being used. “We’re just at the very beginning,” Tanielian said. “Once you create this platform, it allows you to experiment and find solutions for health care, education, energy consumption, you name it. (Washington Post reports).

The ‘Internet of Things (IOT)’ can be explained better through Gartner’s observations in the “Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2014”. He explains how Internet is expanding beyond just the computers, laptops, phones, and tablets. Our TVs and vehicles are already connected and now smartwatches, appliances, televisions, cars and more essential items are getting smarter. Look at the example from Samsung. With smart refrigerators, smart washing machines, and off course smartphones, and now one mobile app to rule them all, Samsung is perfectly on the brink to lead in the “Internet of Things” revolution. Now, in this era of technology revolution, don’t think of just figuring out how to implement a location-based mobile ad through traditional ways but entrepreneurs should think outside the box and develop strategies in smarter ways. E.g., a pizza shop should also target smart cars in a particular radius besides mobile devices when offering discounts & deals. To sum up, the Internet of Things will enable a business to reach potential customers on different Internet-connected products not just smartphones. Another example on Internet connected devices are wearables like the fitbit and others are already being used to monitor health conditions such as blood pressure, heart rate and many other vital signs that can help the consumer connect with a business to improve his/her health in a proactive manner.

Mobile Location Technologies  :  The main aim of location-based marketing is to focus on the convenience of the user. It also adds value to your local customers and gives them a chance to express their views. In local search, your business listing is very important because it gives your first impression to your potential customers. Make sure that your business listings are on all the major location-based marketing networks like Google+, Yelp, Yahoo, Facebook and more with correct phone number, address, images, and with information including the latest discounts & promotions.

Location based marketing is very important and useful for small businesses unlike big corporate who already have their brand recognition and don’t need to stress more on marketing.  According to Forrester’s recent survey, “mobile contextual data will offer deep customer insight,” and commerce must use location to target their potential audience and customize the content accordingly. In location-based advertising, businesses can offer special deals to customers who are already present in that particular area.

Content is Shared More Via Videos Rather Than Text:  Most of the customers now prefer to get information about any brand or product via videos on their smartphones, iphones & tablets rather than text. Even content-sharing and social media websites like Facebook, Youtube, Buzzfeed, Examiner and Upworthy are supplying videos besides articles in order to offer their viewers/readers the content they are actually looking for. On the advertising side brands like Pepsi, Nike, Adidas, General Mills and Live Nation are already using mobile video in their ad campaigns. Look at Facebook, the largest social media networking site, has also implemented videos, which now play automatically in the newsfeed or timeline while using the Facebook app on smartphones.  It’s the great opportunity for SMBs to create their own innovative video content and share it among audience. The technology is changing fast with new innovations and demands. Entrepreneurs should keep up with new mobile tech trends in the market and must be ready to accept and adapt any change which will benefit their potential customers.

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