Mobile Marketing Methods to Build Your Ecommerce Brand

With the advancement in mobile technology, it has become essential for any ecommerce business to have a mobile presence in the market. Most of the users now search and shop products and services online through smartphones, tablets and iPhones and very few users still, prefer desktops for such purposes. In order to make the most out of budget for marketing, the brands must concentrate a notable division of work energy on consumers using mobile phones. Ecommerce companies consider it as a must have because, without a mobile marketing approach that is not tenacious, it is challenging for the companies to engage and connect with online users.

If you want to make your brand successful, you must possess the capacity to captivate the engagement of potential customers on mobile and later transforming them into worthy regular customers. However, it can be done only by a mobile marketing strategy that is both close-knit and well planned.

Mobile-Friendly/Responsive Website:

In mobile searches, Google has modified its search algorithm to render a ranking lift to mobile-optimized sites. Thus, it is important to guarantee that you hold a version of your site which is optimized for mobile. This is the principal and the extremely significant element to an adequate mobile marketing strategy because it connects businesses with your consumers and it is a significant marketing and communication tool.  Also, the chances of a mobile-browsing visitor staying on your website are higher if your website is mobile-friendly. It will be quick and easy for a buyer to operate your website from his/her mobile phone. It’s wise to keep mobile sites clean and clutter-free. The messaging has to be short and to the point. Before an ecommerce brand begins marketing to its mobile users and driving traffic to its website, it should make certain that its website is geared up for the various devices of the customers.

Mobile Marketing Stats – An Infographic


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Display Advertisements:

Display advertisements are among the most traditional and potent choice in order to mount the brand awareness and re-engage customers with retargeting. Particular to mobile, in order to make the results of your efforts as productive as possible, there is an abundance of chances to support this channel. And in case you are operating mobile marketing initiatives for instance mobile-friendly email marketing and display ads that can be immensely helpful, too.

Display networks through Google provide ad opportunities so that you can package your ad on the sites that suit in with your target demographic. Through the entire design and creative process, you can make sure that your ads are optimized for smaller screens—concise copy and clear imagery with “buttons” that are easy to click from a touch screen phone by keeping mobile usability in mind.

Social Media Marketing:

There is no doubt that in any digital marketing campaign social media marketing is invariably an essential feature but while talking particularly about mobile marketing, the essentiality is intensified. Almost all of the social media users are operating their accounts from their smartphones or other devices. Now if you’re an ecommerce brand with a social media marketing plan, then it is an obligation to seek a way to reach your mobile audience through popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Snapchat, where full capabilities are only plausible while using smart devices.

There are numerous options on social platforms which can help a brand to advertise in a more effective manner. Not only to bring the traffic back to your website but also as an integral part of the marketing funnel, social media platforms help businesses to succeed online. Like in display ads, most of the social media platforms help you to use geo-targeting to present your ads to your target audience in a precise geographic area. You can also communicate with the mobile users while they’re traveling or doing their work. The various choices with ad formats on Facebook are great and you can always come across an option which is parallel with the purpose of your campaign and accordingly places your ad.

Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing

After obtaining the email addresses of your potential customers, distributing email campaigns that are highly creative and catchy can be amazingly productive at bringing website traffic and producing sales. However, a majority of the customers check their inbox not from a desktop but from their smartphone. Thus, only by bringing an email together is not going to work out. Until and unless you’re not optimizing the email for mobile devices, no matter how many emails you send with catchy lines, they will be sent to the trash. That’s why it’s important to make your email marketing mobile-friendly. It can be done by using easily read fonts, having one column of text, use eye catchy images, and always include clickable icons and calls-to-action (CTAs).

Tailor Content for Micro-Moments:

Content is the most crucial element to contemplate while designing a mobile marketing strategy because it reflects your brand. It should be tailored according to the requirements of a customer, i.e., it shouldn’t be too long because, on mobile, users don’t want to read paragraph after paragraph and keeping the time relevance in mind, it should be easy to read.

You have to be up-to-date with your content, must present value, and of course it should be relevant. When potential customers are searching for an answer to a question associated with the particular product you sell online, they want an exact and concise answer. So your content should be unique with persuasive information that it inundates inside the mind of a consumer and directly communicate to the unique requirements of your target audience.


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